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Raft: Ocean Nomad is one of a number of raft based survival games. This one offers both a sandbox and survival mode of play. Here are some Raft: Ocean Nomad cheat and tips to help you enjoy the game.

Raft: Ocean Nomad Cheats and Tips

Our Number 1 tip is be careful with the subscription option. The game offers a subscription of $9.99 per week, with a 3 days for free trial. And while you may grab the three free days, you may well forget to cancel the subscription and find yourself billed $9.99 if you enter the fourth day. Watch Out, it seems expensive to us.

Get Stuff Quickly
In the game you start off with a fishing hook, and that will give you some resources, but also some items that you can only get when you watch an ad. When you are starting out in the game, our recommendation is to watch the ads to unlock the stuff you have caught, as early in the game it is really important to get as many things as you can.

Getting Water
Water is collected via rain, make sure you are set up to collect rain water even if you are not thirsty right now, collecting water this way does take time, so you don't want to be caught our with no water.

You can also get lucky by catching bottles of water sometimes.

Getting Food
Just like with getting water process, you really want to always be trying to catch fish for food as it can take a while to catch anything and then cook it on the campfire. You can also sometimes catch other types of food too.

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Very well-designed. Very little ads. One of my Favourite games
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