Pregnancy Idle 3D Simulator

Pregnancy Idle 3D Simulator


Coming soon…YOUR BABY! This mother simulator game lets you experience the magic of pregnancy as you grow your family one tap at a time.

Congratulations! You’re pregnant. And your journey is just beginning. Over the next 9 months in this mother simulator game, you’ll discover what it takes to be a Mama as you watch that beautiful belly grow and grow in this life pregnancy simulator.

Upgrade by discovering all the pregnant Mother-to-be rules to take you from bump to birth.

No excuse to be idle! Level up and fill those progress bars in this pregnancy simulator game to advance to the next week with sleeping, walking, taking your vitamins, and more. Try on a new role in this mother simulator!

Tap, tap, tap to earn your pregnant baby-mother hearts that will help you reach the long-awaited finish – the birth of your baby! Yay!

But for now, keep on rocking that bump as you play one of the world’s best idle pregnancy games out there.

Ready to take on the challenge with our pregnancy simulator? Download the game to try it now! We know you’ll be one great Mama.
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It's okay. Very good. But I want to raise my Child till it's big
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