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Penguin Isle is a relaxing, collection and idle grinding game from game developer Habby. Create habitats, collect different penguins and develop your 'isle' with buildings and decorations to create the perfect penguin world.

The game features a variety of additional arctic animals to collect and a simple relaxing environment for your game play.

Hints and Tips for Penguin Isle

More Penguins
Every penguin that you unlock will boost all your income by 150% which can be more profitable for you than habitat upgrades. Penguins also gain you rewards as you pay so keep adding to their numbers at every opportunity.

Penguin Watching
When playing actively keep an eye on your roaming penguins. From time to time you will be able to collect hearts from them which will help to speed up your collecting and income. You will also have opportunities to take photos of them. Doing this will earn you money.

What to upgrade
As you work through the game you will unlock a range of habitats to develop. The latest that you have unlocked will always be the best one to try to upgrade as it will give the greatest benefit.

Missions and research quests
In the upper right corner you will find your list of missions and these will be very important to follow and complete. Especially items that increase income and reduce costs. Prioritize the research that boosts gold production.

Rewards and ads
There are several ways to get rewards in the game, Many of these involve watching ads and as an ad supported game this let you help yourself and give a little back to the developer for their hard work. From treasure chests that you can find in the store to floating chests fond in the water from time to time take every opportunity to gain these extra rewards to aid your progress.

The chests can also grant you items that can let you unlock special extra creatures for your isle. These extra animals will provide further bonuses for your game.


WE hope these tips help with your enjoyment of this penguin paradise. If you have any questions or can help answer any please head to the Answers Page.

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