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All Hands Aboard! in One Piece Treasure Cruise

Set sail with Luffy and the gang and once again cruise through the beginning of the ties and tides as Namco Bandai (developer and publisher of the game) releases a re-telling of the famous anime by Eiichiro Oda, One Piece, over an RPG based mobile platformer game bearing the title One Piece Treasure Cruise.

The game picks off from the very start of the original franchise's plot, the prologue to Luffy's adventure. From a playing fan's point of view, the story in the game rather seem to have lost its actual charm by missing a lot of the usual antics portrayed by the main characters of the story. However, from a non-fan point of view, the presentation of the game definitely packs in a very detailed backbone of the story as the game runs half of it re-telling the encounters of the main characters as they set abound their journey, from one island to another.

The game employs a basic turn-based RPG gameplay and borrows a bit of a real time strategy mechanic of reflex tapping to promote an active input to what would normally be a boring type of game. Reflex tapping in this game will enable the set of characters in the player's roster to perform combos that altogether lends the game a livelier appeal in terms of visuals. The game also employs an RPS mechanic to classify and categorize the vast library of characters in the story. This in turn provides a wide array of combination of characters that will perform differently depending on the given battle. Each character has its own strengths and weaknesses, and a special move along with it.

As a free-to-play game of this caliber, you wouldn't expect much assault from any pay-wall unlike those of the other games out there. The fact still stands though that the perpetual grinding vibe you get as you progress, might tick you off to purchase your way out of it Although spending your own money in this game is totally unnecessary if you simply wish to enjoy and progress throughout the whole game without paying. IAPs in the game are in the form of rainbow colored devil fruits called Rainbow Gems. Mainly used to recruit rare characters in the game but they are also diversified into many uses as well. Beli and Cola are the other sets of currency applied to game that are commonly used for upgrades.

Graphics and audio in-game are nothing short of a spectacle in comparison to its original franchise. A serious effort went into polishing the tiniest detail of artwork as well as the music score-- being as vibrant as what one would expect from the colorful world of one piece which in return, presented a great game overall.

In conclusion, One Piece Treasure Cruise is an action packed RPG that encourages game grinding in a very engaging kind of way. Part of this comes from the its enhanced game-play mechanics, the interesting backbone plot, the great visuals and the accompanying audio that goes with it. The developers surely went through a great deal in re-telling this amusing story that would most likely easily sell to the fans and non-fans alike--evoking them to come aboard the treasure cruise in search, of course, of that elusive "One Piece".

4.2 / 5.0
review by Private (Steph) | Mar 8th 2015


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Review by GuestSep 21st 2017
Amigos la verdad es que llevo mucho tiempo esperando el juego, soy fanático del anime. Soy de chile y me gustaría saber cuando estará habilitada la app para mi país. Saludos
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