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Offroad Outlaws from Autonoma is centered around the thrill and spills of racing off road vehicles, from small quads to full trucks. The real depth and skill of the game though is in the range of control you have for customising and setting up your mud churning rigs. The better you do the more you can earn and the more vehicles, upgrades and options you can unlock for even better performance.

Hints and Tips

If you are just starting out in Offroad Outlaws then chedck below for our top tips to get the most from the game. And if you still have questions head over to the Answers Page ask there or see if we already have the answers you need.

You only need 1 starting vehicle

The number one starting top for offroad outlaws is for picking your first vehicle. You will be offered both a Truck and a Quad to buy at the outset and you will have enough cash to make both purchases. This is a good way to get a feel for both and learn how the they handle. However you don't need to get both and just buying one will let you spend your extra money on upgrades. A single upgraded vehicle will let you advance further, faster when you start the game.

For a good all round vehicle that will help you stay out of trouble take the truck option, for more speed, but more risk try the quad. If you don't like your choice, or if you already bought both and want to go back, you can usually delete and reinstall the app to reset your progress to the beginning.

Earn money and Exp from the challenge trails

The challenge trails offer the best way to earn move money for those upgrades. The trails are shown on your map as green markers (map icon in the top left). You earn rewards for completing the trails and as you get better and beat target times you will earn even move. Grinding these trails over time should let you master the routes and earn plenty of cash. Running these trails will also earn you experience to unlock more trails without needing to spend..

Upgrade and tune Your Vehicle

To ensure that you reach the best potential for your vehicles you will need to experiment with the upgrade options. The Power category gives will let you improve the stats of the vehicle for better performance. There are also options for appearance. Once option is to change the size of your rims, this will only result in the changing their appearance. You can also though change the tires and which can help affect the handling characteristics of your vehicle. Wider tires can improve traction for example but also affect your speed|.

The Drive train options will allow you to tweak small details of your car. Some knowledge of car set ups will help here but experimenting with the options will quickly give you an idea what you can do.

Customize the driving controls

The driving control options in Offroad Outlaws are found on the top left of your screen, next to the map icon. These will let you alter the handling of the vehicle to make it easier for the different terrains you will encounter and your own driving style. If you are having any trouble with control then have a tweak of these options to see what you can improve.

Gears, button 1. High gears gives you a higher top speed, while lower gears offers better stability and traction at low speed.

Differential lock button 2. Control the amount of spin and traction for each wheel.

Drive. Button 3. Control the drive to front, rear or all wheels to let you gain the right traction for the current terrain.

We hope these tips will give you a good start in the game. Please let us know on the answer page if you have any questions and feel free to share any set up tips of other game advice below for other Offroad Outlaws out there.


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