NIKKE Tier List (June 2023)

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Goddess of Victory: Nikke is a third-person, sci-fi RPG shooting game developed by Shift Up and published by Level Infinite for Android, iOS, and Windows. We've taken a look at the best characters in the game and come up with our Nikke Tier List, to help you work out which are the best team members for your squad.

In the post-apocalyptic future where hostile mechanical aliens have successfully occupied Earth, the Commander (player character) and his squad of the titular humanoid artificial soldiers called Nikkes fight their way to reclaim the surface.


NIKKE Tier List (June 2023)

Players will start off with a squad of default Nikkes but they'll have the chance to recruit more using the in-game gacha system. Of course, not all Nikkes are created equal. They come in three grades: SSR, SR, and R. If you've been playing gacha games, then you're already familiar with what these rarities mean. If not, here's the quick rundown:

* SSR : These units have incredible stats and can significantly boost your squad's overall power but the main downside is that they're very rare and their drop rates are especially low. Most high tier units in the game are SSR units.

* SR : These units have decent stats and drop rate. They can perform just fine if ample resources are invested in them.

* R : Even if they're called 'rare' units, that just means they're common enough to be collected normally. R units don't have limit breaks, making them quite underwhelming. And with no potential to grow stronger, that means that they're not really worth investing into.


In Goddess of Victory: Nikke, all characters belong to one of the three in-game roles: Attacker, Defender, and Supporter. The roles are pretty self-descriptive but here's the general overview of these roles:

* Attacker : Specializes in dishing out exceptional damage.

* Defender : Resilient units with exceptional HP and defense that can take incoming damage to protect allies.

* Supporter : Units that possess various beneficial abilities that can help squad members like healing, enhancing, cooldown reduction, enemy debuffs, etc.

Disclaimer: Please be reminded that Tier Lists are not 'definite' measures of the character's strength and potential. There are a lot of factors to be considered like the characters' availability, their synergy with your team, their utility, equipment, etc. As such, please use our tier lists as what they're meant to be - a guide. Use tier lists to help you decide whether you'll want to invest resources and time to build a character. At the end of the day, it's you who will decide which ones you'll use based on preference and performance.


NIKKE Tier List

Even with their roles considered, Nikkes combat prowess will still vary based on other attributes like skill sets, weapon types, bursts, etc. This is why some perform well in story mode, pvp, or boss runs. There are a handful of Nikkes that are consistently useful in any mode so watch out for those as well.

We will only list Nikkes up to Rank C; if you don't see other Nikkes (especially the starter ones), then that just means that they didn't make the cut to be included.

Story Tier List

SS : Centi, Modernia, Liter, Scarlet

S : Anne: Miracle Fairy, Alice, Drake, Dolla, Harran, Helm, Maxwell, Pepper, Privaty, Rapunzel, Rupee, Snow White

A: Admi, Guilty, Laplace, Noise, Novel, Noah, Poli, Power, Viper

B: Biscuit, D, Epinel, Jackal, Milk, N102, Quency, Soda, Sugar, Volume

C: Belorta, Brid, Cocoa, Diesel, Exia, Folkwang, Frima, Makima, Miranda, Sakura, Soline, Yulha, Yuni

PvP Tier List

SS: Jackal, Rapunzel, Centi, Noah, Noise, Privaty, Scarlet

S: Alice, Anis, Anne: Miracle Fairy, Biscuit, Drake, Emma, Harran, Laplace, Maiden, Pepper, Poli, Power, Sugar, Viper

A : Diesel, Guilty, Makima, Modernia, Vesti

B : Cocoa, Helm, Liter, Maxwell, Rupee, Sin, Soda

C: Epinel, Ether, Eunhwa, Folkwang, iDoll Sun, Isabel, Julia, Ludmilla, Mary, Milk, Mihara, Neon, Neve, Product 23, Snow White, Yuni.

Boss Tier List

SS : Alice, Guilty, Modernia, Maxwell, Liter, Scarlet, Snow White

S: D, Dolla, Drake, Helm, Laplace, Miranda, Noise, Novel, Pepper, Privaty, Rapunzel, Rupee, Sugar, Volume

A : Admi, Centi, Cocoa, N102, Poli, Power, Soda, Viper

B : Anne: Miracle Fairy, Aria, Biscuit, Diesel, Harran, Isabel, Makima, Noah, Quency, Sakura, Sin, Vesti, Yulha

C : Brid, Epinel, Exia, Folkwang, Frima, Guillotine, Ludmilla, Maiden, Milk, Neve, Rapi, Soline, Yuni, Eunhwa

Top Tier Character Description:



* Liter is the best Burst I character and supporter in the game thanks to her outstanding kit.

* She is one of the units that are consistently useful in all game modes: story, bosses, and PVP.

* Skill 1 gives Max Ammo capacity, ATK, and Critical Damage to all allies, and reduces the remaining cooldown on their Burst Skills.

* Skill 2 allows Liter to heal covers behind which characters hide, keeping them healthy and avoiding enemy attacks.

* Liter's Burst skill provides important ATK buffs that have a big impact on final damage.

* Liter is essential for characters like Isabel and Vesti, whose performance depends on Burst cooldown reduction.



* Scarlet is a Burst III assault rifle attacker who gets stronger as her HP gets lower.

* She's also considered as one of the best damage dealers in the game, capable of dealing sustained and burst damage.

* She gains Critical Rate and Critical Damage buffs once her HP goes below a certain HP%

* Scarlet's glaring weakness is her long reload time of 2.30 seconds.

* Pairing her with characters that reduce reload speed or increase ammunition capacity can unlock her full potential.



* Modernia is a Burst III LMG attacker who excels in story stages and can wipe out entire waves of enemies during her Burst skill

* Modernia's damage output drops when fighting bosses alone or in Interception.

* She's capable of instantly killing rockets and other destructible elements with her Burst

* She's an outstanding unit to deal with mobs but can be unreliable in PvP.



* Alice is a Burst III sniper rifle attacker with penetrating shots and good AOE potential.

* She can hit multiple parts of bosses with each shot, drastically increasing her damage.

* Her penetration requires her to be above 80% HP, so having a healer paired up with her is essentially required.

* Alice's skills buff her or her allies, but her Burst turns her into a solid damage dealer, especially if paired with characters that increase Charging Speed.

* Her performance improves the more investment poured into her.

* Overload gear gives her a massive boost, making her the (one of the) best boss killer in the game.

Snow White


* Snow White is a Burst III assault rifle attacker whose versatility and sustained damage make her a formidable character

* She can transform her weapon for devastating damage. Her transformation ability is particularly effective against bosses.

* Her Burst Skill can penetrate enemies and deals high damage. Fully charging her Burst Skill before activating will maximize its damage.

* Snow White is excellent against bosses but also performs well in normal stages due to her sustained damage and ATK/Critical Rate buffs.



* Centi is a Burst II Rocket Launcher Defender who excels in shielding her team and debuffing enemies, and has the highest burst energy generation in AOE situations.

* Her Burst Skill reduces DEF and has a 20-second cooldown.

* Her shields can absorb massive attacks without overflowing into HP (as long as there's a remaining shield value of 1) making it useful against bosses. However, this low HP property is ineffective against multiple enemies that constantly attack your units.

* Centi is the best Burst II character for the main story as her shields make her a perfect 'tank' even if you're below the recommended power when tackling stages.



* Privaty is a Burst III assault rifle-wielding attacker with a kit that includes buff application, stunning enemies, and dealing burst damage.

* She can buff her entire team's ATK and reload speed, and reduce magazine capacity for characters relying on Last Bullet.

* Her Skill 2 deals most of her damage but requires the enemy to be stunned first by her Burst Skill.

* She is one of the best characters for PVP due to her 3-second stun that can disrupt enemies and delay their Full Burst rotation.

* She is a free reward from newbie missions, so everyone can have at least one copy of her.

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