Night of the Full Moon

What can you purchase from the shop?
Night of the Full Moon Guide

What can you purchase from the shop?

The shop has one list of items that you can purchase. There are bundles, modes, characters, and other items that you can use to help build your card deck. The purchases that you gain here are needed one time only since they are permanent additions to your game that provide extra value.

Night of the Full Moon Shop
Night of the Full Moon Shop


The recommended section provides the game’s collector’s edition. This bundles up majority of the items that you’ll find in the store. This edition provides a discounted price versus all other items when purchased individually. Here you’ll be provided with the following content:

* Pumpkin Lamp: Prologue Star Fall +100%, Epilogue Dust Fall +100%
* Character Classes: Ranger, Nun, Witch, Magician, Apothecary, Werewolf
* Exclusive Cover (Hard Cover)


A new game mode is available for purchase called The Red Hood Diary. When purchased, you get a new gameplay mode, new cards, and new monsters. You’ll also experience the Castle Adventure set 5 years in the past.


The character section provides you with the other classes that you can purchase. By default, only the Knight is available that you can use for free. Here are the following character classes that you can purchase:

* Witch
* Ranger
* Nun
* Magician
* Apothecary
* Werewolf
* Soul Hunter


The item section provides a Pumpkin Lamp. This increases your Prologue’s Star Fall by 100%, and your Epilogue’s Dust Fall by 100%.


In this section, you can purchase the memory puzzle. This provides you with some Memory Puzzle Journeys, and you’ll get to capture memories of childhood with Little Red.


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