Music Theory: SoundSquares

Music Theory: SoundSquares

Unison Design
Version: 1.03 | Everyone

Music Theory-SoundSquares is a "mobile ear training gaming environment" designed for the beginner-to-intermediate musician. Created by the developers of ScaleNet, this app is designed for learning to generate primary chords from melodic lines.

Using a stacking strategy similar to Tetris, note-blocks fall in rhythm. The player assembles the blocks to create 3-note chords--both vertically and horizontally.

The notes and chords are integrated into a constantly shifting backing track. This track allows the player to develop chord construction, and chord identification skills in a real life context, but also to experiment with improvisation, and musical timing.

Music Theory-SoundSquares can be used as an ear training, or chord identification tool in the classroom environment, as well as individually.

Based on popular and world music models, and employing strategies similar to Tetris, the player is introduced to familiar and unfamiliar music, and is invited to find connections between the two.

SoundSquares provides an interactive learning space associated with traditional Roman Numeral triad-driven chord progressions such as:

I-IV, I-V, I-IV-V,

Other progressions include partial non-dominant 7th chords, and inverted, partia dominant 7ths.

Perfect for enhancing a traditional ear-training education, SoundSquares comes pre-loaded with two very different musical styles: ROCK, which references "Mellow", "Metal" and "Dubstep" musical styles, and AFRICAN, which references both northern and southern East African musical styles.

The game is designed for downloadable content and social media integration which will become accessible over the next few months. These DLC musical modules will include Chiptune, Vintage Game, Blues, Hip-Hop, and VaporWave musical styles.
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