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Merge Mayor Cheats, Tips and Strategy

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As the name may imply, Merge Mayor is a game with merging elements, in this case you are the mayor of a small town, and in order to improve and increase the size of your city you need to complete merging tasks. Take a look out our Merge Mayor cheats, tips and strategy content below to get off to a great start in the game!

Merge Mayor Cheats, Tips and Strategy

Merge the items with tape on them.
The items with tap in the corner are currently locked spaces, and it's best to try to unlock these whenever you can.

Don't over merge!
In the beginning especially, just merge to the level you need to complete tasks, if you take an item past the level required to complete a task it can
be a waste of energy trying to find again the specific item you need at the lower level.

Level up to get rewards
The game gives you some decent rewards each time you level up. To help you level up, complete tasks and also use the exp markers that you can find on the game board. It's best to level these up as high as you can before you use them though. However in the beginning of the game you may need to get those rewards fast, so they are also good to use whenever you find them at the beginning of the game.

How to get more energy?
Energy is restored over time, but you can also find more energy in some merge reward items

How to complete quests?
Basically to get through the game you need to pay attention to what is being requested of you to find and then merge the appropriate items until you see the green tick. This indicates that the correct item has been merged.

There are different merge trees, eg fruit, wood. And items within the same merge tree family will change into the next one along after merging.

For example, if you merge two cherries, they will turn into strawberries, and if you merge two strawberries, it will turn into an apple, and so on, according the levels of the merge tree for that family of items.

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Overall gameplay excellent, couple of tweaks but some of my complaints have already been fixed in recent updates (example: former complaint was fixed and we can see how many items we get from certain boxes 10/10)
4.6 / 5.0

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