MapMaster - Geography game

MapMaster - Geography game

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MapMaster is a fun and educational geography game. Play a pinpoint game where your mission is to pinpoint capitals, US states capitals, mountains and famous places in countries around the world. Locate rivers, lakes, mountain ranges and islands as fast as you can in one of the Time Attacks. Compete against your friends and family in a custom game where you can play up to 10 players on the same device. In study mode you cant train before you play. If you like geography quiz games you will love MapMaster.
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"Top 8 Android apps for Education"
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MapMaster is based on GPS coordinates and gives you an exact distance between the target and where you have put the pushpin. Unlike other geographic games with static map images you can freely move your pushpin around the map and put it at an exact location.
* 9 Pinpoint challenges with 3 levels
* 4 Time attack challenges with 3 levels
* Beautiful off-line maps with 5 zoom levels
* 450 places including all continents capitals,US state capitals, large US cities, mountains, famous places, rivers, lakes, islands and mountain ranges
* Wikipedia integration
* Perfect and excellent scores when the pushpin is close to target
* Flags icons for countries and US states
* Pinch zoom for devices with Android 2.2 and above
* Can be install on SD card
* No ads
* Tablet support
* Study Mode, study before you play
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