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Plane Expedition

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A popular feature for gacha games nowadays with heroes available is for you to use your team in a dungeon exploring type of feature. In League of Pantheons, one of the trial features that you’ll be able to unlock the Plane Expedition, and this lets you try out an area to explore while fighting different enemies.

In this page, we’ll check out how the Plane Expedition works for you, as well as the rewards that you can acquire. Exploring and completing the different stages available here will provide you with useful rewards that will help with your progression.

What is the Plane Expedition?

So, what is the Plane Expedition about? This is an area under your trials that lets you guide a character through a small dungeon. When starting out, you’ll be choosing tiles which will determine the next step of action as you move towards your goal. Each tile can either provide you with the following actions:

  • Hiring Heroes
  • Fighting enemies
  • Using facilities such as healing and reviving
  • Fighting the Boss

    Choose tiles for actions and create a path forward until you reach the boss at the end
    Choose tiles for actions and create a path forward until you reach the boss at the end

    Each stage has a boss at the end, as well as a treasure chest that you collect. Your main goal is to go from the starting point, and move forward and choose specific tiles that will let you perform a specific action. Once you have chosen that action, the other tiles beforehand will break, and you have no choice but to move forward. This will provide you with a single path as you reach the end of the dungeon’s boss.

    Basically, this is a dungeon that you can use in order to compose a team, strengthen them along the way, fight enemies, heal your allies, get buffs, and finally defeat the boss for the stage. Once the rewards have been claimed, you’ll move to the next dungeon and then begin the process once again for a new set of tiles.

  • Choosing your Buffs

    One of the features in the Plane Expedition is that you can choose buffs that will help you in battle. These buffs can be acquired after defeating enemies, and they can either support a specific type of hero, or your entire team.

    Choose buffs after you defeat your opponents, this will be in effect for the entire stage
    Choose buffs after you defeat your opponents, this will be in effect for the entire stage

    Later on, as you go through difficult stages, you’ll want to get a combination of good buffs that will help your team out, especially as you reach the end boss. This can help determine the success rate of your battles. Make sure that you eventually hire heroes as well that will be useful for your expedition.

    Plane Expedition Rewards

    With various battles available at the Plane Expedition, you might wonder which rewards are available. Clearing regular fights will provide you with Expedition Badges, Gold, and Hero EXP. These badges can be used at the specific shop for this game mode which lets you get materials such as artifact resources, hero shards, cultivation items and more.

    Once you complete the boss at the end of the dungeon, you’ll get additional rewards as well such as Scorching Spar. Other than the boss, you’ll be able to claim the chest at the end of the dungeon which can provide you with Hero Shards, Gold, as well as a lot of Adept Stones.

    Acquire resources from defeating enemies, and bosses
    Acquire resources from defeating enemies, and bosses

    You should take note that the Plane Expedition isn’t an endless dungeon. There’s a specific time limit that you have before the expedition will reset, a timer will show you on the upper side of the interface to see how much time you have left for exploration.

    This concludes our page on the Plane Expedition in League of Pantheons. Please feel free to check our guide menu since we'll be posting other pages regarding the game's features. You can check out our Answers Page as well to see if there's any information that can be useful for you. If you have any comments, please leave them down below. We'd love to hear from you!

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