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Every time you begin the game and when you catch a purple floating jet pack, your weapon will change. This is a list of those weapons.
Shot: Scattershot, Manual Fire
Key Points: The Shotgun will shoot out at a triangular trajectory from wherever you are. The Shotgun will detonate red & blue bombs, so you won't need to jump over them. The Shotgun will detonate a bomb in one hit and a bombing robot in three hits.

Laser Beam
Shot: Tri-shot , Homing, Continuous Fire
Key Points: This weapon shoots a continuous laser beam for a few seconds. The beams are homing and will follow anything moving in the area. The beam must be concentrated on a bomb for one second and on a bombing robot for three seconds. These beams will not detonate the blue & red bombs.

Burst Laser
Shot: Straight, Continuous Fire
Key Points: The best thing about this gun is the noise is makes, without a doubt. It shoots a line of strong laser bursts for two seconds with a brief lag in between rounds. It will not detonate blue & red bombs.
Shot: Wide Range, Continuous Fire
Destroys everything at which it is aimed.

Bomb Launcher
Shot: Trio of Homing Mini Bombs, Continuous Fire
Key Points: This weapon fires successive rounds of three homing bombs. These bombs will attack anything moving.

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