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Be the Last Astronaut in Lastronaut

Lastronaut is one of the latest endless runners to hit The App Store from iTunes newcomer, Darrin Henein. You play as an 8-bit astronaut in an arcade world, who is just trying to get away. Earth has finally become the terrible and robot-infested wasteland the Terminator warned us about and humanity is fleeing. Armed with a random weapon and the ability to jump really high, you must run to your ship and leave a path of destruction in your wake.

The game is completely free- no ads, no gimmicks, no ploys. Just free. It is a gift that the developer has created and sent out into the world. Take it and thank him.

Gameplay is simple enough- Run, Jump, Shoot- not necessarily in that order and definitely not only once. You are assigned a random weapon at the beginning of every attempt. Not every one is awesome, but they all get the job done. Throughout the run, purple air tanks are floating in the air that change your random weapon to a different random weapon. There are bombs, fires, and missiles to dodge and a few other things to destroy just for the fun of it. Every ten kills is celebrated with a dramatic slow motion shot, which you will never be ready for and every time you fail, your character explodes in morosely slow motion and in the distance, the last rocket ship takes to the sky. Almost as if they knew...

The graphics are a visually interesting mix of retro and more up to date styles and all set to classic arcade sound effects and a catchy coin-op style theme song.

Over all, there is no reason not to play it. It is fun and free and completely impossible. (The ship is a lie.) Will some of your deaths be unfairly unavoidable? Yes! Will you try again anyway? Of course you will.

We rated the game 5 out of 5 because we loved the game. That's all. Just loved it. (It's possible we just to want to be astronauts, even if we have to be the very last one...)
5.0 / 5.0
review by CheerfulStar (Mallary) | Mar 12th 2015

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