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Land Sliders

Review: Change Your Perspective With Land Sliders

As a brand new App Development start-up, PrettyGreat, is making some pretty big waves with Land Sliders, their inaugural title. The game is part of that oh so addicting genre where players just can't seem to want to stop playing, despite a million deaths in a million different ways. There are two ways to play- you can move the ground to move the character or move the character itself, while avoiding enemies, trying desperately to destroy them, looking out for traps, and collecting the one thing that your character loves most of all.

The game is free to play and comes with tons of in-app purchases. The greatest thing about that, however, is that the in-app purchases are entirely optional and exist solely to reward the developers for a job very well done in exchange for awesome and hilarious new characters with which to traverse the treacherous landscapes. The purchases range anywhere from $.99 to $4.99.

Gameplay is simple- collect stuff, beat your high score and try not to die. But the best part of the whole experience is collecting new characters, especially for fans of the developers myriad of previous projects. There are throwbacks to Costume Quest and Fruit Ninja with an overall vibe of Spelunky and ToeJam and Earl mixed with a hearty dose of Crossy Road. The animations are adorable, even some of your deaths with make you say "Aww..." As players delve deeper into the game, however, some mysteries begin to popup. What are these strange numbers, weird structures and seemingly unsolvable puzzles? Well, these are what make this game stand out among the masses. The developers have come up with an ingenious way to garner conversation about this understated masterpiece. There is a worldwide search going on, if you didn't know, to solve the mysteries hidden deep within Land Sliders and solving it has got certain online communities buzzing. With over a million downloads to date and two seasonal updates already out, it looks like Land Sliders is going to be mystifying players for a while yet.

Land Sliders is totally addicting from the onset, but as your collection grows and only certain new characters adding effects to the map, the game can seem a little repetitive after a while, especially since this is one game that puts no restrictions on how long you can play in one sitting, other than maybe motion sickness with long term exposure.

Overall, the game is a fun, addicting, adorable masterpiece that pays due homage to some truly awesome games. It is fan service done correctly and deserves a download from everyone with an iOS device. (Sorry, Andrioders...) We gave the game 4.5 stars for being awesome with just a hint of irritating repetition. Great job, PrettyGreat. Keep it up.

4.5 / 5.0
review by CheerfulStar (Mallary) | Nov 6th 2015

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