Kawaii Mansion: Adorable Hidden Objects Game

Kawaii Mansion Cheats, Tips and Strategy

Kawaii Mansion: Adorable Hidden Objects Game
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Kawaii Mansion: Adorable Hidden Objects Game

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Kawaii Mansion is a hidden object game where you need to play through various scenes, finding objects in order to unlock stars to decorate your home and advance in the game. Check out these hints, tips and strategy to help you find everything you need in all the levels before the timer runs out!

Kawaii Mansion Cheats, Tips and Strategy
Kawaii Mansion Cheats, Tips and Strategy

While it would be impossible to note down where every item is in the game, and quite frankly that would take all the fun out of the game, if you follow some of these Kawaii Mansion tips below you'll be finding things a lot quicker without the need to use the expensive buffs that find items for you.

Kawaii Mansion Cheats, Tips and Strategy

1. Keep an eye on the timer

If you are finding that it's just taking too long to discover an item in the scene, you'll probably need to use one of the boosts, See if you have any available for free, or by watching an ad if you need to.

If you spend too long on one item, you may not be able to complete the scene.

2. Zoom in, but be careful what you click on.

It's great to zoom in to try to see the scene in more detail as objects can be well hidden in the game. But be careful what you click on as each mistake will take 10 seconds from the timer.

3. Cheat by taking a screenshot!

One neat trick is to take a screenshot and pause the game. It's a bit laborious but it's a sure fire way to get some extra time if you are stuck and desperate to complete a level and have no free power ups!

4. Use Boosts

There are number of boosts available in the game such as the lightbulb which will discover one item from your list. Only use this when you cannot find anything at all in your list, otherwise it may find an object that you could have discovered easily yourself.

The magnet is really useful and can be used when you have little time left but have a ton of items still to find. The magnet will discover a number of items on your list for you.

Key Radar Boost
Key Radar Boost

The best power up though is the key, this is like a radar that will continually search the scene for a number of seconds discovering items, just click o them as soon as they are discovered to maximise it's use.

5. Get some free energy

Free Energy by watching an ad
Free Energy by watching an ad

As you progress in the game past the initial levels, you'll probably find yourself running out of energy frequently. Sometimes there is an option to watch a video ad to get some free energy, and is a good option if you want to keep playing the game, but have no energy left and don't want to spend real cash for a energy boost.

So, there you have it, out top tips for Kawaii Mansion, we really hope they are of some use, and feel free to drop us a question if you need any specific help with the game.


Kawaii Mansion: Adorable Hidden Objects Game FAQs

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How to get more energy?

If you are low on energy, and want to keep playing, you can either wait for your energy to replenish over time, or go to the shop where you may have the option to watch an ad for some free energy.

What's the best way to find everything quickly?

Finding everything quickly is the main idea of the game so you'll need sharp eyes to do this. Best to play the game on a big screen or tablet if you have it available as opposed to a mobile where you may be straining to see certain objects. Don't forget you can pinch the screen to zoom in to look in certain parts of the screen in more detail. One cheat we use from time to time is to take a screenshot, then pause the game! This way our timer is paused and we can keep looking!

My game won't load, I get the error unable to initialize the unity engine. How do I fix this?

Can you join a team or get friends in Kawaii mansion?

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