Jobmania - Eternal Dungeon
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Jobmania - Eternal Dungeon

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Pick a Hero and a job then embark on an eternal journey of dungeon descending.
Acquire random abilities and jobs through the journey and build your own unique play style.
How far can you go?

✔️Rogue lite, procedural enemies, and event generation
✔️Dungeon crawler, descend into the dungeon as much as you can
✔️Strategic deck building and turn-based combat

✔️400+ Heroes, 200+ jobs, 1000+ abilities, and 50+ Chapters
✔️Acquire and add random abilities to your deck via chests and defeating enemies
✔️Equip 3 jobs at once, swap, and use their ability strategically for powerful synergy!
✔️Purchase job material to craft new powerful jobs
✔️Get new heroes from Gacha (Enemy Heroes defeated from the last run are guaranteed for one/Ten standard draw!)

✔️Free with ads and in-app purchases, remove all ads with one purchase.
✔️Portrait screen only, you can play this game with one hand

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