It's Literally Just Mowing

It's Literally Just Mowing

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This weeks prize for appropriately names games goes to Protostar for It's literally just mowing, a game that is literally just mowing. Well OK you do also find and tap on 'critters' in the game to earn gems, but you do it while keeping that grass in check riding on your trusty mower.

This game is not one for those who want adventure or competition as you will not be up against any goals, enemies, targets or other players. If you are happiest sitting back and taking it easy as you trim and tidy some gardens (or you have a hatred of grass) then this is the game to try.

Hints and Tips for it's literally just mowing

This game is for relaxing so yo are not under any pressure to mow quickly or neatly. You can mow in careful lines or in any direction, try to be efficient of carve wild paths around and around the flower beds. (although you cannot take out the flowers as well). Switp in the direction you want to go and off you will mow.

Critter Collecting
From time to time you will see glowing shapes floating around the gardens, tap these when you see them to collect critters. each of these animals you collect will earn you gems and be counted in your record book.

Collect Tool Boxes
Toolboxes are earned from completing streets in the game and each one can be opened to find new parts to customize your mower to your liking. Some toolboxes can be opened right away while other take some time. Rare toolboxes take the longest. You can use the gems you earn to open them quicker though. This is the only use for the gems at present so you may as well use them for that.

Daily Bonus
Each day that you log into the game you will get a large gem bonus for the first lawn of the day. This is a good way to build up the gems so remember to get your daily mowing in regularly.


If you have any questions for playing ILJM please head to the Answers Page to ask there and let us know what you think of the game below.

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