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How to get help in Infinity Kingdom

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Infinity Kingdom is a game with a lot of in-depth progression and development options. Not everything is explained and as with many games you may encounter bugs. If you do need to get help for the game there are several options available.

In Game Help

You find help in the game you need to tap on your avatar image in the top left and choose either the 'Settings' option or the Assistance option. In both cases you can find a link to 'Customer Service' Support Center. Here you can submit tickets for help to the developers. Including screenshots or videos if needed.

Other contact options

The game developers also have the following social channels where you can contact them.
And Email: [email protected]

Ask a friend

If you are part of an alliance (and you should be) then the quickest way to get answers can be to ask in the Alliance chat feed. There are helpful folks playing and many will have had the same problems you may be encountering.

Ask a question here

We have questions and answers here for this game, check them out to see if you may find what you are looking for in the Answers Page. Or you can ask your own question for other visitors to help you with.

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