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Infinity Kingdom is an MMO strategy game with base building and survival mechanics similar to Rise of Kingdoms. You are a Lord of Norheim and must develop your city to defend against the evil gnomes while protecting yourself from other invading players. We have collected our top tips for playing and succeeding in this adventure.

Hints and Tips for Infinity Kingdom

Daily quests and free chests
Playing the game everyday will give you the opportunity to earn plenty of free items from the daily quests. You can gain 100 Gems and 1 Philosopher's Stone every day as well as more rewards to help you progress. If you are starting out then also pay attention to the Growth Missions which will let you gain even more rewards depending on your progress.

As well as these activity rewards you can claim more everyday from areas of the Game. Tap on the VIP rank to the right of your avatar image to claim your VIP points and a Daily exclusive chest. Check in the shop daily deals for daily gifts. You should also keep an eye on your mail to claim any extra rewards from the game.

Link your account
Linking your account will keep it safe in the evenf of any problems with your device and also allow you to load your game progress on any other device running the game. You will also get some one time rewards for linking it. You can link the game to an external account such as Facebook, Google play, or GTarcade.
Go to the Lord info screen and then Settings to find the Account option and link it there.

Join an Alliance
As an MMO you will need support and help for other to grow efficiently, and helping others or joining team events will let you earn more rewards for your progression. Joining an alliance is essential and finding an active one will ensure you gain the most benefits.

When you join be sure to move your city to the alliance area. Strength in numbers is an important aspect of staying safe and even if you are not the strongest of players you can remain safe if you have backup.

You should make sure to help your alliance members whenever you can. Providing help will also earn you rewards and ensure you are seen as a useful member. This includes making daily donations to your alliance for skills.

Check the Event Calendar
Events are constantly running in Infinity Kingdom and will change on a daily schedule. The game has an event calendar that you can check to see what is active now and what is coming up soon. Each event will reward you for different activities and gaining rewards will always be a benefit so it makes sense to take advantage and try to complete the right activities on the right days.

THer are a lot of immortals that are your hero characters in the game. You will want to try to gain and improve the best ones you can but you will note that there are tiers and the legendary ones will be hard to get. Don't wast too much resource on the low tier immortals that you will mainly receive at the start unless you need to and wait until you are able to gain better ones over time.

More Tips and Tricks
Like other online strategy games, Infinity Kingdom is a long term game that will take a lot of play time to reach high power levels. While you can spend money to speed up the process there is no substitute for activity and regular gaming. Play lots and participate in activities at every opportunity. Keep upgrading your castle and every other building you can to improve your power.

It is worth investing in the extra builders to make sure you can complete as many projects as possible in the time you have available.

You should also be sure to train troops at all times and upgrade to the higher tier troops.

Save up your Gems, these are limited and can be used for many speedups and activities but they should not be wasted on most upgrades especially at the beginning of the game when you will not have many.

We hope these hints and tips will help you get the most of Infinity Kingdom. If you have any questions for the game please go to the Answers Page to ask there.

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