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Infinite Lagrange is an online base building and strategy game based around outer space exploration. Build up your own fleet of starships, upgrade your base, fight enemies and mine for resources across the galaxy.

Infinite Lagrange Hints and Tips

As with other strategy games you are rewarded here for the time you spend in the game. The more you are able to do the better your progress will be. We hope the tips below will help you get started in the best way.

Get to know your base

Your headquarters is the center of your burgeoning fleet from where everything will be managed. Over time you will be able to relocate and carve out your own domain.

There are three distinct parts of the base:

Central District: This is where you manage your bases construction and your command and trade options.

Industrial District: The is where you manage your ship construction and maintenance. You can also produce boosts for your development.

Port District: Your storage for your fleet of ships and

Mine for resources

There are three kinds of resources in the galaxy which you will need in abundance. Metal is used to build ships, crystals are to upgrade them, and deuterium to gain firepower with speed as a bonus.

Only engineering ships can mine so you must manage your fleet to produce and upgrade enough of these to keep you supplied. Players can collect resources by mining asteroid belts or cosmic dust.

Build ships and remember to upgrade them

Other than your base the key to becoming stronger and progressing in Infinite Lagrange is your fleet of ships. Everything players need to build on, other than the base is the ships.

Infinite Lagrange features many kinds of ships with different functions and different stats. You will star the game with three FG300 frigates and can build more by unlocking additional levels or upgrading the ports. Many ships need to be unlocked by collecting blueprints so that you can then build them. Upgrading our ships will increase their capacity and stats. You will also need to remember to upgrade the ports as well.

Join a Union

Infinite Lagrange is a multiplayer game and you will have the opportunity to join a union to collaborate with others. Unions are alliances that can hold 100 players. Having the backing of a union is very important as they can help defend you in times of war and boost your effectiveness in events.

We hope these tips help you enjoy the game. If you have any questions for playing please head to the Answers Page to ask there, and drop a review below to let other know if you enjoy the game.


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Infinite Lagrange Codes (June 2024)
Infinite Lagrange combines city-building mechanics with real-time battles, you take control of a whole space fleet sent to a ..
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Infinite Lagrange FAQs

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What is Prosperity and how do I increase mine?

You increase prosperity by upgrading your base and building structures such as outposts and mining platforms. It is just an indication of your state of development.

How do I add corvettes to my fleet? I see others with them but I cannot seem to add them myself.

An example of a ship that can carry Corvette would be the AC721 - Heavy Dual-Purpose Assault Ship "Aircraft Type". This is the Aircraft Variant of the AC721 - Heavy Logistics Destroyer "Generic Type". The Aircraft Type has a module called the "Corvette Maintenance System". This is what allows your ship to transport and use Corvettes in space. You need both the Blue Print (BP) for a Corvette Carrier type ship AND a BP for a Corvette in order to utilize this. In order to build a Corvette, you need Expansion #5 and then build the Aircraft Assembly Line AND the Aircraft Hangar 1. Once you have built BOTH the "Aircraft Type" ship AND the Corvette , you need to go to your SHIP MANAGEMENT of your station. Find your "Aircraft Type" ship, open the "HANGAR" and drag the Corvette into the Hangar. Now your ship is carrying a corvette. Cheers! ... + 1 More Answers

How do I turn off auto retreats? Apparently there is an option at the bottom left in the battle view but I can not find it.

It is only an option when you are attacking, not transferring or blockading. Maybe why you don't see it. ... + 2 More Answers

Where do you get more ship blueprints?


Are there any benefits to put a outpost or dock on a metal zone or crystal zone?

Yes it will provide you with a passive income depending on the level and type of node, but only if you relocate your base to it.

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Infinite Lagrange Reviews

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I really enjoy this game! I like the new challenge every new phase of starting at base zero and building as fast as possible. Even though the objects of the game are similar each time, the situations are always different due to resources, union dynamics, and strategies you choose. The rules of game play are good and ..

4.5 / 5.0

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