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Review by GuestJul 17th 2023

I really enjoy this game! I like the new challenge every new phase of starting at base zero and building as fast as possible. Even though the objects of the game are similar each time, the situations are always different due to resources, union dynamics, and strategies you choose. The rules of game play are good and the devs try and keep it up to date or fix issues. Mostly I have been playing with the same people since the beginning and that is the best part!

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Review by GuestApr 25th 2023

Really good game. I love it. I suggest people download this game. I got my friend to download this game.

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Review by GuestJan 26th 2023

I love the scale of the game. The graphics are good and I can kinda play it on my older PC before it crashes after 20 minutes.

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Review by GuestJul 22nd 2022

Decent game great graphics. The pathing still is horrible

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Review by GuestSep 23rd 2021

Great concept but suffers from issues with cash store. RNG means nothing if you are willing to pay enough $$$. Need to pay ~$30/month minimum to be competitive and still have no chance versus the players spending hundreds.

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Review by DollfaceAug 3rd 2021

Nice game. F2p doing progress step by step without needing to grind

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Review by GuestJul 29th 2021

Haven't been playing long but so far it seems like a decent game. Hope its not a loot box to win game though. We will see.

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Review by GuestJul 29th 2021

Great game, it's like making my own Star Wars faction.

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