Idle Mafia - Tycoon Manager

Idle Mafia - Tycoon Manager

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Idle Mafia is an idle clicker tycoon development game from Century Game with the secret ingredient of crime . Your goal is to take over the streets of the world through force or money and ramp up your profits to be come the most powerful syndicate of organised crime.

Recruit Capos to fight for you and manage your business empires, use your money and muscle to conquer each location then move on to the next as you spread your criminal empire across the world.

Hints and Tips for Idle Mafia

Keep progressing and moving to the new streets to continue your empire. As you do you will be able to gain more capos, more upgrades and improve your strength for fights and cash making abilities.

The best way to progress at least initially is to follow the missions and instructions. Each activity you complete will move you forward and earn you rewards jumping ahead on your own may mean you end up waiting to repeat activities to continue your progress.

Capo Upgrades
To keep your capos in top form for fighting the enemy gangs and managing business holdings you need to upgrade them with cigars. Cigars are earned in a separate area to the streets called cigar fights. Fight, earn cigars, upgrade your capos and manage your squad, then fight some more to increase the cigar fight levels and earn more cigars over time.

Keep an eye out also for duplicate capos that you can get from the safes. You can use the duplicates to increase the star level of capos and add more level options and bonuses to them.

Family Matters
Families are groups of associated capos that when you collect and upgrade them all will give you special bonuses when you use them. This option becomes available once you reach Rank 7 and you will need to keep an eye on your list of Capos and the family lists to see when the bonuses are ready as you will need to activate them yourself.


If you have any questions for creating your perfect underworld in Idle Mafia please head to the Answers Page to ask there.
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