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Take your casual game playing to new heights with our Idle Airplane Inc. Tycoon cheats and tips

Idle Airplane Inc. Tycoon is an idle management sim by Green Panda Games. We'll be checking our the best ways to level up quickly, earn in game rewards and unlock everything with our Idle Airplane Inc. Tycoon cheats and tips.

Idle Airplane Inc. Tycoon Cheats and Tips

Our cheats and tips for Idle Airplane are aimed at the beginner player, we'll show you what to do to get started, and how you can most efficiently and quickly level up and unlock loads of great stuff in the game.

Playing Through Chapter 1

Chapter 1 is where everything starts, you'll get introduced to the concept of gates and how you need to unlock more gates in order to fly more planes and get access to more destinations.

More destinations means you can get different types of cargo, not just passengers, and also allows you to complete specific missions related to specific destinations or cargo later in the game.

How to Get More Cash

There are a number of ways to get loads more cash quickly in the game here are a few.

  • Click the VIP tab

    From time to time you'll see the VIP tab appear, when it does you'll get offered a reward in exchange for watching a video ad. This can be a great help to getting some revenue for your game, and also helps out the game publishers pull in some revenue for their free game!

  • VIP Passenger for Big Rewards
    VIP Passenger for Big Rewards

    As you upgrade your level and make more upgrades generally, the amount you get for the VIP passenger will also increase.

  • Make Upgrades

    Whenever you add new constructions, always check to see if you can make some quick upgrades, upgrades basically mean you'll be earning more money per second.

    Upgrade everything when you can
    Upgrade everything when you can

    But not only new constructions. You should be regularly checking your existing items to see if any of those can be upgraded too.

  • Complete Missions

    The missions system is your guide as to what to do next in the game. All of the missions are associated with earning more money in the game, and will show you what you need to do next in order to level up and unlock more missions and earn more cash.

  • Look out for the income booster

    You'll get opportunities such as the income booster from time to time. This basically allows you to double your earnings in the game for a set period of time.

    Income Booster for x2 income for 10 minutes
    Income Booster for x2 income for 10 minutes

    You can also watch video ads to extend the time of the income booster too. This is a great option at any time in the game when you are actively playing, but especially at the start where you can make quick progress by getting double revenues and also by clicking the VIP tab as explained above.

Check the Shop for a Free Suitcase

Every day you can get a free suitcase in the shop, without the need to watch a video ad. The free suitcase will give you some cards that you can collect in order to unlock more airplanes and get free gems.

Free Suitcase and some to buy
Free Suitcase and some to buy

After you have collected your first free suitcase of the day, sometimes you are offered an option to watch a video ad in exchange for another free suitcase.

Typical Basic Suitcase Rewards
Typical Basic Suitcase Rewards

In my opinion, I think this is a good option at the beginning of the game, where you want to try to unlock more airplanes as soon as possible.

In the shop you can also buy more suitcases with gems or keys. These suitcases use the premium currency in the game to unlock, but generally will give you higher rarity cards.

These are not a bad way to spend your accumulated gems or keys later in the game when you have enough.

Hire a free builder

You can only build one thing at a time, so where something takes a while to build, it can be useful to have a second builder to help out and complete other building tasks.

Need more builders
Need more builders

In the shop there is an offer to hire a builder for free for 1 hour. I think this is a great option to take relatively early in the game, when you start to notice that things are a taking more than a few minutes to build.

1 hour free builder
1 hour free builder

You'll level up a lot faster by getting that 1 hour free builder at that point in the game.

If you want a longer duration builder, then you'll have to use gems!

You can get gems for free in the game by completing some missions and by opening some suitcases, otherwise the only way to get them is by making a real cash purchase in the shop for gems.

Speed Things Up

Where possible it's much more interesting to speed thing up in the game, especially if you can get it done for free.

So if you need to wait 3 minutes to wait for a task to complete, it could well be worth watching a video ad to skip that wait time, especially if the video ad only takes 30 seconds.

Gems can also be used to skip time, but I don't think it is the best use of gems.

Unlock Automation

Automation costs a lot in the beginning of the game, but it should be your goal to enable automation as soon as you can on everything. That way you'll be earning your dollars a lot more easily, without the need to tap and collect everywhere.

You'll probably make back the cost of the automation very quickly anyway.

Unlock Automation as soon as you can
Unlock Automation as soon as you can

Upgrading Gates

Don't forget to upgrade your gates. Upgrading gates will mean that your passengers board quicker and that you earn more money per ticket.

Upgrading your gates will increase your gate profit per minute too.

Upgrade and Unlock Airports

Remember to upgrade your airports too. Access the airports map by tapping on the globe icon at the bottom of the screen.

Upgrade Airports
Upgrade Airports

Here you can see the upgrades that you can make to airports and their effect, which is usually to increase ticket prices and reduce passenger boarding times which means that you'll be earning more per passenger and reducing the turn around time between flights.

You can also see which airports are unlocked for you currently and which level you need to get to unlock other airports.

Unlocking More Planes

More planes means more flights, which means more money! ... And a lot more things to do!

Unlock More Planes
Unlock More Planes

To unlock more planes you'll need to plane cards, once you have enough of any one type you'll be able to unlock it and use that plane which could be better suited to certain tasks or be able to make you more money for each flight.

As well as unlocking planes, plane cards will allow you to get upgrade any planes that you do have. Upgrading your planes means they will increase their ticket place and is a great way to increase your income in the game.

Assigning an Airplane

At the beginning of the game you'll need to assign an aircraft to a gate to get started flying.

Assigning an Airplane
Assigning an Airplane

Later when you unlock more planes you can change the assignment of airplanes and use more lucrative aircraft if you have any.

Also when you get cargo planes, you'll need to assign them to specific flights for specific missions.

How Flying Time Works

When your passenger airplane is in the air, the flight duration is split between four distinct periods where you can earn money in the game: take off, food time, drink time, landing.

During food time, you'll earning money from the passenger seats and from the food trolley that moves up and down the aisle, but you won't be earning money from the toilets or drinks.

The same applies to the other two times, you'll only earn money from the seats and from the specific time of the flight you are current at.


Those are our best tips and cheats for Idle Airplane Inc. Tycoon, they have been aimed at beginners to the game as we know that later there is a lot more to do, and we've just not got there with our account just yet.

But, there are plenty of other players that have, and you can post your question to them here on our Idle Airplane Inc. Tycoon answers page to try to get specific help for anything in this game.

As well as posting a question, you can also see all of the other questions that other players have asked and see if you know enough about the game to answer any.

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Idle Airplane Inc. Tycoon FAQs

We have 87 questions and 53 answers for Idle Airplane Inc. Tycoon. View Them

How to get more plastic?

Try sending your cargo plane somewhere else. For example, Gate B goes to Winnipeg, which provides plastic. ... + 1 More Answers

How do I send 15 plastics to denver when the resource there is metal? How do I change it to plastic?

All you need to transfer resources to an airport is to fly a cargo plane to said destination. If you have the ressources in warehouse they will automatically be delivered.

How do I move resources to my warehouse?

To move resources to your warehouse you'll need to send a Cargo Plane to the airport that has the resource that you want to store in the warehouse.

How do I move metal and tools in my warehouse?

To fill your warehouse with tools, send a cargo plane to either Los Angeles, Phoenix or Miami. To fill your warehouse with metals, send a cargo plane to Denver, Houston or Montreal. That should fill your warehouse with metals and tools. ... + 2 More Answers

How to complete a task metals to airport?

Try sending a cargo plane to Winnipeg. You may need to unassign your passenger plane to do this. This will help you level up your locations and finish the task to deliver 12 metals to Memphis airport.

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It was fun up to the point that I am not progressing with earning Xps to obtain level 10. It's been three days at this point and the balance hasn't changed.

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