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Honkai: Star Rail Tier List (June 2023)

by vhaysteApr 29th 2023

Honkai: Star Rail is the latest free-to-play title released by HoYoverse, the same studio behind the massive action-RPG hit Genshin Impact. HSR incorporates action-packed turn-based combat, open-world and dungeon exploration elements, as well as a gacha system.

HSR takes place in a sci-fi fantasy universe where humanity is fighting to survive against a pervasive corrupting force, while following godlike beings called the Aeons. The player, whose gender can be chosen, wakes up on a space station with no memory and is imbued with a cosmic entity known as the Stellaron. Joining a group of adventurers, they embark on a journey aboard a space train to different worlds.


Honkai: Star Rail Tier List (June 2023)

Honkai: Star Rail Tier List

SS Tier

Bailu, Bronya, Gepard, Jing Yuan, Seele

S Tier

Arlan, Clara, Fire, Natash, Pela, Sushang, Tingyun, Welt, Yanqing

A Tier

Asta, Dan Heng, Himeko, Hook, March 7th, Trailblazer

B Tier

Qingque, Serval

C Tier

Herta, Sampo

Best Honkai: Star Rail Characters Description


Element: Lightning

Honkai: Star Rail

Bailu is an exceptional HP-scaling healer. Her burst heals all of her allies while "invigorating" them. This buff allows allies to restore HP whenever they get hit. This buff alone significantly increases the party's survivability. Aside from healing, Bailu also has the ability to revive knocked down allies, apply damage reduction to them, increase their damage output, and more through her talents and Eidolons.


Element: Wind

Honkai: Star Rail

Bronya is an outstanding support character, capable of dispelling a debuff on a single ally and allowing them to take an action immediately through her skill. Her ultimate increases the ATK and CRIT DMG of all allies as well, making her a particularly useful character in almost any game mode. Her Traces also provide additional buffs buffing all allies' DEF at the start of battle and giving them a DMG boost as long as she's on the field.


Element: Ice

Honkai: Star Rail

Gepard can inflict ice damage to enemies through his normal attacks and skill. His skill however, has a high chance to freeze an enemy, stopping it from taking any action and becomes vulnerable to extra ice damage while Frozen. His ultimate provides a durable, long-lasting shield to all allies that scales off his DEF, making him the best shielder in the game as of this writing. His talent also gives him access to a once-per-battle auto-resurrection and self-heal, which is somewhat critical for someone with the role of the party's tank.

His Traces also provides various beneficial effects that improve his offensive and defensive capabilities like enhanced ATK based on his DEF, increased aggro, and full energy restoration if his auto-revive ability is triggered. Finally, unlocking his Eidolons will significantly make him a vital member of any party. Some effects include guaranteed Freeze affliction to enemies, SPD reduction to frozen enemies, Effect RES buff to the entire party as long as he's on the field, and his action getting Advanced Forward when his talent is triggered while restoring his own HP.

Jing Yuan

Element: Lightning

Honkai: Star Rail

Aside from that Jing Yuan is also capable of damaging all enemies through his skill and ultimate. He also has an interesting mechanic that allows him to summon a Lightning Lord at the start of battle. This entity can launch follow up attacks that deal lightning damage to a single enemy. However, that damage can also "jump" to the adjacent enemies from the main target. Not only that, as the Lightning Lord's attack count increases, its SPD also increases.

If Jing Yuan is knocked down or affected by crowd control debuff, the Lightning-Lord will disappear or be unable to take action respectively. His Traces, Talents, and Eidolons revolve around the improvement and other beneficial effects provided by the Lightning Lord.


Element: Quantum

Honkai: Star Rail

Seele is an outstanding single-target DPS with self-applied damage-boosting buffs and who can dish out Quantum damage to a single enemy through her normal attack, skill, and ultimate. She has a talent that allows her to enter a buffed state and gain an extra action after defeating an enemy. While she's in a buffed state, her damage is significantly increased (up to 100%) for a turn. Her technique also gives her a stealth status for a few seconds and when she attacks, enters a buffed state once again.

Her Traces enable her to lower her aggro when she's below half HP, Advanced Forwarding her actions, and increases the Resistance Penetration of her Quantum attacks. Lastly, her Eidolons further enhance her offensive capabilities like increased CRIT Rate against enemies whose HP are below a certain threshold, increasing the SPD boost effect of her skill, energy regeneration whenever she defeats an enemy, and inflicts enemies with a status effect that deals extra Quantum damage to them as they're attacked.

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