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Hero Rescue is a puzzle solving game from Super Game Studios where you have to use logic to find the solution to a range of simple but interesting traps and rescue missions.

Each level requires you to either defeat a monster, rescue a princess or collect some loot, and of course stay alive doing it. There are now over 400 levels in the main game and more are being added regularly. Along with the other modes this means the game has a lot of content to keep you busy.

Hints and Tips for Hero Rescue

Overall the puzzles are not long or especially hard but you do need to think and make a plan on each to keep yourself safe.

Monsters can be defeated by letting your hero find a sword or hitting them with lava or in some levels objects that can be drooped on them.

In levels with lava and water you can combine the two to make rocks that are then safe.

In the Treasure mode look out for white rocks/gems as these will need to have the treasure added to them before being collected to turn them into more treasure which you will need to complete the level.

In tower mode as it get higher you will need to clear the blocks horizontally to try to keep the top base level to keep the chest from moving to far to either side.

At the moment coins are only used to unlock hero skins / appearances so don't worry about watching ads to collect bonus coins on the levels.

If you have any questions for playing this game please go to the Answers Pages to ask there.

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I personally love it. I play everyday to get to the next map location. I love to open all eggs to see pets. Use all my money to build on map location and buy princess outfits.
4.3 / 5.0

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