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Helix Jump FAQ and Hints

Helix Jump FAQ and Hints
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Despite being a very simple game to play there are still some questions that many need answering for Helix Jump. below is a list of the frequently asked questions that we have for the game and some advice.

How many levels are there?
We have not yet heard of anyone beating Helix jump. Or reaching a final level. It is likely that it is an endless game with continuously generated levels. If you have reached a high level or think you have found the end of the game (without using a mod) then please let us know in the comments.

What are the Green Arrows and how do I get them
The green down arrows are a 'speed up' item that will let you blast down through many platforms regardless of the hazards and are a great boost to your progress through a level.

initially the seemed to be introduced in some versions fo the game but either didn't work properly or were unavailable on some devices. Since then they seem to have been updated to work and appear correctly.

The arrows are not rare but they do not appear all the time. Unfortunately they appear at random in levels with no way of triggering them so you will need to keep an eye out for them and make every effort to take advantage of them when you seem them.

My game is stuck on a screen or a level
With all games there are bugs and we are aware that following a recent update there are a lot of players that have found them selves stuck on a level, on loading or on the level progress screen. It seems this is a common fault.

Unfortunately the only solution that we are aware of is to reinstall the game. The problem with this is that your progress is not saved outside the app so you will be returned to level 1. It is possible that they will fix this in a future update which may be worth waiting for. We would encourage you to contact voodoo support to let them know about the issue.

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