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Helix jump is one of Voodoo games most downloaded games at present. Simple to play and yet very hard to be successful at it does offer a challenge that keeps many players hooked.

The good things about the game are that you can play as much as you want, there are no lives to fill or energy to regenerate just you against the increasingly difficult levels and however much time you have.

The green arrows have now made it fully into the game (with some previous versions seeming to have them but not always). These appear randomly and can make a huge difference to your progress. If you are struggling with a level and then they randomly appear you can speed though it with easy. It would be nice if they were more consistent, but it's a fun bonus when they do appear.

A recent update has added a variety of ball shapes and splat shapes that you unlock by reaching milestones in the game. This is a nice little addition.

A downside of the game though is the lack of any option to back up your progress. You cannot sync to youtube or log into Google Play / iTunes etc so if you need to swap device or reinstall the app for any reason then you will be back to level 1.

If you have any questions for the game please check the Answers Page and drop a review of the game below to let others know if you like it.


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