Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

The Tutorial Lessons

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
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The Tutorial Lessons
Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Guide

Whether you play Hearthstone via the Windows or Mac Client or on your iOS device, there are certain aspects that remain significantly important to helping to blunt the learning curve - and this is especially true for the new player and gamers who have little experience in terms of the trading card game genre.

With that in mind and noting the fact that we have emphasized the importance of the tutorial and the lessons that it conveys, we hope you will take the process to heart...

The Tutorial offers a very useful set of lessons that are very worth the experience gained in playing them - especially for new players who have not yet obtained a working knowledge of the game and its game play mechanics.

With that in mind - and to ensure that you get the most out of the tutorial lessons - we want to walk you through that here, emphasizing the bits that really are of genuine importance.

Before the Tutorial Begins
The game client for Hearthstone is available on PC and Mac for computer gamers as well as iOS for mobile gamers. Honestly we suggest that you obtain BOTH of the clients - the home one and the mobile one - so as to provide full convenience...

The Tutorial Lessons

Regardless of the version and platform that you select the game will allow you to play through the tutorial without logging into your Blizzard Account. Technically it is not so much a Blizzard Account as it is actually a Battlenet Account - which is not quite the same thing but, if you are a Warcraft player you should already have an account there.

That being the case, you should log into that account BEFORE you start the Tutorial. If you lack such an account, then you should create one BEFORE you begin the Tutorial. The reason for that is simple - there are some rewards you can earn by completing the full Tutorial - but those rewards will not be assigned to your account of you play blindly without logging in.

Fair warning mates - Hearthstone is without doubt one of the most addictive TCG offerings that we have seen and played in the past ten years. Seriously.

Beginning the Tutorial
After the game loads and patches (if necessary) and you log in for the first time the Tutorial will automatically begin.

As you watch the MC will introduce the first Hero - Jaina Proudmoore - who is a Mage. The game will then assign you your initial first deck, and begin the instructions-based prompt-focused Tute process! The tasks will unfold as follows:

    Minions - Start
    Smack Talk and the Minion Introduction
    Complete the Prompted Battle
    New Opponent: Millhouse Manastorm
    Mana Stones Lesson
    Fireball Lesson
    New Opponent: Lorewalker Cho
    Mixed Mode Cards
    New Opponent: King Mukla
    Heavy Hitter Minions
    New Opponent: Hemet Nesingwary
    Hero Power
    New Opponent: Illidan Stormrage
    Character Weapons

The Tutorial Lessons

Completing the Tutorial unlocks Practice Mode (Solo Play), where you can unlock new heroes and start to learn your deck and refine it. This is important because it allows you to choose heroes to battle - when you defeat them you unlock them for your own use, which of course means that you can start to experiment with different classes other than Mage, which is all you have right now.

Ideally you want to unlock every one of the classes so this should be your first stop - and on Normal unless you are very well versed in the genre (in which case why are you reading this??).

You will find as you try to battle the different class heroes and unlock them that some classes have a type advantage against mage while mage has an advantage against other classes - the idea here is for you to learn that on your own.

Once you reach this point the entire game unfolds before you, so your emphasis should be to unlock all of the hero classes and begin experimenting with building your own decks. Bear in mind that you cannot enter the Arena until you acquire some gold first, but then you will not want to until you have all of the classes unlocked and a firm knowledge of the cards while having built your own decks.

Good luck! Have fun! Enjoy one of the best TCG games to come along in a very long time!


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