Head Ball 2

Hints and Tips for Head Ball 2

Hints and Tips for Head Ball 2
Head Ball 2 Guide

Head Ball 2 is a simple to follow game but one that can take a lot of skill and practice to play well. To compete well against the worldwide players you will need to master the techniques and work your way through the game to unlock and upgrade the characters and super powers to give you the edge.
Hints and Tips for Head Ball 2

Upgrade Your Super Powers
Super powers are very useful items to have especially when you find yourself up against high level players. Each power can be upgraded so when you see an arrow icon on your powers menu take a look and take any opportunity to upgrade them. Collect as many coins and diamonds as you can to use to fully upgrade all your powers.

But Don't Rely On Super Powers
While super powers are definitely useful in tough matches, you cannot rely on them too much as they are limited and don't help yo to improve your play skill. Especially when you start out in the game try to win your matches without using your super powers. This should help you gain the practice and skill to take you further in the game ans save up the powers form later, tougher, matches.

Remember to defend
Attacking and scoring is the aim but remember is just the one of you out there. If you want to win, you need to try not to give your opponent any chances to score themselves. If you can avoid making risky plays that will leave your goal open and stay back you will have a better chance to keep them scoreless. Just look then for the opportunity to put one past them when they are wrong footed.

Collect More Equipment Cards
Strong equipment boosts your characters stats, which then helps you win games without needing to use super powers. Winning in matches give you experience and also various rewards that include equipment cards. Collect enough cards of a specific equipment and you can unlock it. If you already have that equipment, additional cards will go towards upgrading it, so try to collect as many equipment cards as possible.

Unlock New Stadiums
You will unlock a stadium when you start playing the game but there is more than one stadium available for you to compete in. These need to be unlocked through progressing in the game. With each stadium you unlock you will gain access to new skills, these new skills will help you unlock new moves. Once you have a new move you will be able to upgrade it as well. All of this leads to becoming a stronger player, so work for those stadiums.

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