Head Ball 2

Head Ball 2 Guide


Head Ball 2 has 64 achievements listed to obtain in Google Play. Check below for a list with details

How to Unlock
Card Pack 100
Open 100 card packs
Card Pack 20
Open 20 card packs
Card Pack 200
Open 200 card packs
Card Pack 6
Open 6 card packs
Champions League Hero
Promote to Champions League
Goal Basket
Fill 3 ball baskets
Goal Basket 7
Fill 7 ball baskets
Goal Basket 30
Fill 30 ball baskets
Goal Basket 120
Fill 120 ball baskets
Goal King
Score 5 goals.
Goal King 20000
Score 20000 goals
Goal King 3000
Score 3000 goals
Goal King 400
Score 400 goals
Level 15
Reach 15th level
Level 30
Reach 30th level
Level 45
Reach 45th level
Level 8
Reach 8th level
Match Monster
Play 25 matches
Match Monster 100
Play 100 matches
Match Monster 1000
Play 1000 matches
Match Monster 5000
Play 5000 matches
Pro Player
Win 10 matches
Pro Player 200
Win 200 matches
Pro Player 40
Win 40 matches
Pro Player 500
Win 500 matches
Professional League Hero
Promote to Professional League
Scratch and Win
Scratch 10 cards
Scratch and Win 120
Scratch 120 cards
Scratch and Win 30
Scratch 30 cards
Scratch and Win 400
Scratch 400 cards
Stadium Legend 10
Unlock 10th stadium
Stadium Legend 3
Unlock 3rd stadium
Stadium Legend 5
Unlock 5th stadium
Stadium Legend 7
Unlock 7th stadium
Star League Hero
Promote to Stars League
Super League Hero
Promote to Super League
Super Powers 25
Make 25 super power upgrades
Super Powers 5
Make 5 super power upgrades
Super Powers 50
Make 50 super power upgrades
Super Powers 90
Make 90 super power upgrades
Tribune Leader
Earn 1000 fans
Tribune Leader 150.000
Earn 150.000 fans
Tribune Leader 40000
Earn 40000 fans
Tribune Leader 8000
Earn 8000 fans

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