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The popular question for Happy Colour is how to remove the already coloured in images from your device. Doing this will depend on what you want to achieve.

Hide in Settings

Tap on the cog icon on the top right to open the settings page and then tap to turn off the option for 'Show colored pictures'. This will hide all the images that you have completed from the library so that you no longer see them in the list. This is useful to keep the list better organised and not have to scroll through the completed ones. You still have them on the device though and in your Feed.

Delete each picture

Each of the images can be removed individually. Go to your Feed and select the My works option at the top to see your images. Tap on the one you want to remove and take the Delete option. This deletes most of the files for the image and let you then start it again.

Remove the files

To remove multiple images you can do this manually. But be careful which files you choose to delete this way.

On an android phone the pictures that you have coloured are stored in the following folder.

Android -> data -> com.pixel.art.coloring.color.number -> files -> 0

The files should be in a similar location on an iPhone/iPad.

You will need to use a file manager app to find the files. Each picture is stored as 3 files. A .png image and 2 other data files with the same id/name. Remove all three files to remove the image from your phone.

Once you remove them then you will see them as ready to start colouring again in the app, so it doesn't then track that you have completed it in the past.

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