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Guardian Tales Tier List / Rankings

by vhaysteSep 28th 2021

In our Guardian Tales Tier List page, we will cover which characters/units are worth considering building and investing on to help you clear the game's content.


Guardian Tales Tier List / Rankings


Please be reminded that Tier Lists are not “definite” measures of the character’s strength and potential. There are a lot of factors to be considered like the characters’ availability, their synergy with your team, their utility, equipment, etc. As such, please use our tier lists as what they’re meant to be - a guide. Use tier lists to help you decide whether you’ll want to invest resources and time to build a character. At the end of the day, it’s you who will decide which ones you’ll use based on preference and performance .


Guardian Tales

Guardian Tales is an action RPG developed by Kong Studio and published by Kakao for Android and iOS platforms. It was released globally on July 28, 2020. The game is a tribute to 90’s RPG with its classic look, familiar combat, puzzles, and environment. The game also has a gacha feature so players have the chance to recruit powerful characters to help them clear the game’s various contents.

Credits to Guardian Tales for the ranking details.


Best Guardians Overall Ranking

We will be listing down the top 10 overall Guardians based on their performance in the five gameplay modes in the game (Coliseum, Arena, Raid, Kamazon, and PvE). You can use these rankings to determine if the character is worth pulling for.

1. Future Princess

2. Nari

3. Mk. 99

4. Lilith

5. Gabriel

6. Oghma

7. Beth

8. Noxia

9. Kamael

10. Future Knight


Best Guardians Coliseum Ranking

The rankings are based on the number of times the hero appeared in the Top 100 rankings.

1. Future Princess

2. Oghma

3. Future Knight

4. Noxia

5. Kamael

6. Idol Captain Eva

7. Gabriel

8. Mk.99

9. Seaside Sohee

10. Erina


Best Guardians Arena Ranking

The rankings are based on the number of times the hero appeared in the Top 100 rankings.

1. Erina

2. Future Princess

3. Kamael

4. Noxia

5. Lilith

6. Vishuvac

7. Lynn

8. Oghma

9. Mayreel

10. Scintilla


Best Guardians Raid Ranking

We don’t have a definite raid ranking since there are different types of Raid bosses that will require different team compositions to beat.

Guardian Tales


Best Guardians Kamazon Ranking

The rankings will depend on the number of times a character has been included in teams participating in this game mode.

1. Future Princess

2. Beth

3. Miya

4. Oghma

5. Nari

6. Gabriel

7. Future Knight

8. Bari

9. Marina

10. Mk. 99


Best Guardians PvE Ranking

The rankings will depend on the number of times a character has been included in teams participating in this game mode.

1. Future Princess

2. Miya

3. Nari

4. Beth

5. Oghma

6. Future Knight

7. Gabriel

8. Mk.99

9. Bari

10. Marina


Best Guardians Explained

Future Princess

Guardian Tales

The Future Princess is one of the best heroes in the game, thanks to her multitude of party-wide skills. Her Dimension Shield skill taunts enemies while boosting the Def of nearby party members for a few seconds. Her Dimension Barrier creates a damage-negating barrier for all party members while also restoring their HP.

Her special ability, “Time Acceleration” increases her movement speed, weapon skill regeneration and Dimension Breaker’s attack speed for a couple of seconds on hit. Finally, her EX Weapon (Liberator) has a chance to inflict 30% of her DPS while also restoring all party members’ HP every hit.


Guardian Tales

Nari is an exceptional ranged attacker, capable of decreasing the enemy’s ranged Def for a few seconds thanks to her Enhanced Fox Bead. The Fox Magic Reflux skill deals 300% of her DPS while increasing all party members’ Crit Hit chance for a few seconds. Her special ability, Fox Tail Defense, increases her Def on every hit and can overlap up to 8 times.

Finally, her EX weapon (Sage Breed) allows her to throw Enhanced Fox beads at a higher chance, further increasing the chances of lowering the enemy’s ranged Def more frequently.

Mk. 99

Guardian Tales

Mk.99 is a reliable DPS unit with two attack modes; Beam Magnum that rapidly fires energy beams and Beam Cannon that fires a powerful energy beam that penetrates the target. Her Bear Saber is a powerful weapon that deals extreme melee damage.

For her special ability, “Tactical Command”, her damage increases when there are no enemies within 3 tiles of her position. If there are enemies within that distance, she’ll take 25% less damage from enemies. Finally, her ex weapon (Omega Blaster) increases her weapon skill level by 5, increases the explosion range and damage of her Beam Magnum and the damage and size of her Beam Cannon.


Guardian Tales

Lilith is a reliable melee attacker with some support effects mixed in, capable of reducing the enemies’ Def for a few seconds on hit through her Demon Queen's emblem effect. Her Demon Clutch ability inflicts a high amount of damage to the enemy. If that enemy is marked with the Demon Queen's emblem, all allies’ HP will be restored by a set amount.

Her Demolition special ability increases the ATK and inflicts additional DPS on hit when using her Darkness Spike move. Finally, her ex weapon (Queen’s Grace) activates the following effect:

* Reduces damage taken by 20%

* Reduces Darkness Spike’s cooldown to 5 seconds

* Enemy DEF reduced to 20%


Guardian Tales

Gabriel is an outstanding support unit who can also deal damage. Her special ability and ex weapon capitalizes on the hits landed by her normal attack, as we’ll describe below.

On the last hit of Gabriel’s normal attack (Sound of Heaven), the Light resistance of the enemy is reduced, making them more vulnerable to her follow up attacks. Her Descent of Angels skill deals considerable DMG while also healing all party members’ HP and removing all negative effects.

Her special ability, Victory Chant, restores the HP of the party member with the lowest HP and increases his/her ATK, whenever her normal attack hits. Finally, with her ex weapon (Magnificat) equipped, whenever her normal attack hits, she inflicts DMG every 2 seconds and instantly reduces the target’s light type resistance. This also heals the HP of party members in the Sanctuary.


Guardian Tales

Oghma is a formidable tank unit, with his shield capable of taunting enemies around him while also increasing his DEF by a whooping 50%. His Multiple Rocket skill allows him to launch multiple rockets to inflict ranged damage to enemies while reducing their ATK value as well.

His special ability, Defense Regulator, allows him to improve the Def of the party members who have lower Def than his. Finally, his ex weapon (Eckesachs) allows Oghma to return a portion of the damage inflicted to him in proportion of his Def.


Guardian Tales

Beth is a straight up melee DPS unit, focusing only on dealing as much damage as possible while having access to damage negation/reduction abilities. Her skill Dark Invasion inflicts high ranged damage while boosting her melee ATK by a considerable amount for a few seconds.

Her special ability, Battle Instinct, increases her ATK and negates incoming DMG (between 15%-60%) depending on the number of enemies within 3 tiles of her position. Finally, her ex weapon (Predator), enables her normal attack (Dark Smash) to lower the Dark type resistance of the target while giving her a shield equal to the 10% of the damage she inflicted to the enemy.


Guardian Tales

Noxia’s kit revolves around her Dark Spirit, an entity she can summon during battle that can either inflict melee damage or taunt nearby enemies. Her Spirit Joint attack inflicts a good amount of DMG to an enemy. If the Dark Spirit is summoned, this skill deals extra damage.

Her special ability, Manipulation, increases the ATK of her Dark spirit by a significant amount while also allowing her to restore a bit of her HP based on the damage dealt by the Dark Spirit. Finally, her ex weapon (Furfur) allows her to inflict ranged damage while causing the Dark Spirit’s taunt to deal DPS melee damage as well.


Guardian Tales

Kamael is an outstanding support unit who’s also capable of reducing the enemies’ ranged Def - making them easier pickings for your ranged attackers.

Kamael’s normal attack absorbs the enemy’s life force to deal damage. On the last hit of his normal attack, he shoots an orb that heals all allies’ HP while reducing the enemy’s ranged Def for a few seconds. His Chain skill allows him to summon an elemental that deals DPS damage to nearby enemies while restoring all allies’ HP and removing any debuffs.

His special ability increases the damage and healing of his normal attacks. His ex weapon (Equinox) enables his normal attacks to deal more DPS damage, instantly reduces ranged Def, and attacks up to 3 more enemies near the Circle of Life.

Future Knight

Guardian Tales

Future Knight is a straight up ranged attacker. Her normal attacks enables her to use her rifle to rapidly attack enemies and negate any damage for 1 hit every 3 seconds. Her Magiton Grenade chain skill allows her to form a field around the target, dealing AoE DMG.

Her special ability, Reinforced Bullet, causes her normal rifle attacks to penetrate the enemy with 50% increased damage at 50% chance. On hit, the attack also reduces the basic type resistance of the target. Finally, her ex weapon (Cosmic Destroyer) increases the DMG inflicted by the magiton energy explosion while reducing the weapon’s skill regen speed.

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