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The Ghost Case Part 4

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This is Part 4 of our guide to Ghost Case, another creative escape room mystery story game from Dark Dome. In part 3 we found our way into the tomb to find a way to save Anna and Lian.

Turn around to see the steps we came down and a snake on the right.

The Ghost Case Part 4

The Ghost Case Part 4

Use the flute on the snake and it will fall asleep.

Collect the Hand of a statue.

Turn to the left to see the wall picture again and find that the bird status on the right is missing a hand.

Add the hand to this.

The Ghost Case Part 4

Doing this will highlight 4 symbols on the wall picture. (in the small green circles).

Make a note of these. Yours will probably be different.

The Ghost Case Part 4

Now turn to the right again and you will see a panel on the left of the steps with 4 symbols underneath.

The Ghost Case Part 4

Hint: use the symbols you found to open this. Left to right from the wall mural

Collect another jar and a paper with some more clues.

You now have 3 jars and 3 colored flowers. Turn around and go through the dark hole in the wall again to the next room.

The Ghost Case Part 4

On the left is a bowl. View this.

The Ghost Case Part 4

Place one of the flowers into the bowl and use the pestle on it to grind it.

The Ghost Case Part 4

Then use a jar to collect the colored dye. (blue).

Repeat this process for the other 2 flowers until you have 3 jars with blue, red and yellow dye.

For the next step make a note of the 4 colored figures on the wall to the right of the hole in the wall. 4 colors and 4 directions indicated by the pointing hands. Yours may vary.

Go through the dark passage to the previous room, then turn to the left.

In the center is a circular puzzle.

The Ghost Case Part 4

The Ghost Case Part 4

Hint: note that the marker on each circle has a symbol.

Solution: View the clue paper you found with the 4 colored circles, each has a symbol. Match the symbol on the paper to the same color of the figure on the wall with the hand pointing. Then use move the matching symbol on the puzzle to the position of the pointing hand.

For example: in my case 3 lines was blue. Blue had was pointing Up and right. (NW) etc. Yours will vary.Show

Once done collect the stone with the drawing of the sun that appears.

You will then see a lever. Tap to pull this.

You will see water start flowing from 3 fountains. a snake, a lion, and an eagle.

The Ghost Case Part 4

Now on the wall to the left of the lever is a mural and at the top is a circle with rays coming from it.

Place the stone with the sun on it on this circle.

You can now collect a key from below.

The Ghost Case Part 4

Turn to the left to find a blue chest with the padlock. Use the key on this to open it. Look inside

The Ghost Case Part 4

Collect the hourglass.

Now Turn around to see the dark passageway. Notice on the left is a large urn with an animal drawn on it. Make a note of the animal and the color

Then tap the passageway to move back to the other room.

Look around this room for more urns with colored animal emblems.

Then turn until you find the 3 fountains seen before.

Hint: there are 3 fountains, three animal shapes and 3 colors.

Solution: Place the red dye jar in the fountain of the animal that is red in your game. Then repeat for blue and yellow. The colors will vary for each game.Show

The Ghost Case Part 4

Once done you can collect a stone with a moon shape.

Turn right, go back through the dark passage and then left to find the lever and the murals, on the right you can place the moon stone to open another panel.

Collect a crystal of quartz.

The Ghost Case Part 4

Turn right again and go back through the dark passage. Then turn around to see another dark doorway with 2 guard statues.

The Ghost Case Part 4

Tap to go through the doorway to the final room. This is where Anna and Lian are and the ritual is in progress.

You need to stop the ritual.

The Ghost Case Part 4

IMPORTANT - First select the ritual doll in your inventory and then tap on the ring in the inventory to combine them - A doll for rituals with a ring.

On the floor is a large version of the ring symbol drawn and 4 small cylinders with a symbol on each.

First find the 4 items that you have that match the 4 symbols

Bone, Mushroom. hourglass and quartz crystal.

Then use the charcoal piece on the large symbol. This will redraw the symbol backwards as required.

The Ghost Case Part 4

You will now see 2 drawings of the guards statues appear on the walls.

View the one on the left. You need to take note of the positions of arms, hands, head, belt symbol on this.

The Ghost Case Part 4

Your image will possibly be different.

Then back out of the room to find the actual statues.

Tap the parts of the matching statue to align it as you saw in the drawing.

This will vary for each game.

Once done repeat this process with the other drawing and statue. Pay attention to the head, beak, side wings, sword length, and symbol. Until both are exactly as show in the drawings.

Once you complete this it triggers the final cut scene. Be ready to act so that you can get the good ending.

The Ghost Case Part 4

Once Frederick Nolson wakes up to stop you from escaping. You need to select the Doll with the ring and then tap the center circle symbol to throw it down. This will then strap Frederick's spirit inside and stop him for good.

The Ghost Case Part 4

The Ghost Case Part 4

If you fail to do this in time then he will then murder all three of you and you will finish the game with news of the 3 bodies being found. Try again to get the good ending.

The Ghost Case Part 4

Now watch the ending scenes, you are left with the doll trapping the murderer. You visit Laia again who offers to take care of it.

The Ghost Case Part 4

She takes it to a red box. To open the box you need to solve the puzzle.

The Ghost Case Part 4

Solution: The Ghost Case Part 4Show

The box opens and you see more jars containing dolls labelled for other characters, including Laia!

This is a reference to a previous game in the series 'Nowhere House'. The game ends with the reveal of the Old lady who was transformed into Laia.

The Ghost Case Part 4

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