Gangstar City

Tips and Hints

Tips and Hints
Gangstar City Guide

1. Save Up Diamonds

Diamonds are the premium currency in the game. Although obtainable through playing the game, it will prove to be much harder than earning cash. Save up on the resource and only spend when throwing parties to obtain worthy gang members.

2. Throw Bigger Parties to Earn Worthy Members

Throwing a party at your crib will attract potential gang members to fill in your crew line-up. You are basically given three types of house parties. One of which will set you back with only a few bucks and will only attract normal gang members without special attributes or skills. The other two parties will cost some of the rarer currency, the diamond, but will prove to attract gang members that have more potential and skills.

3. Improve your District

Doing quests in the game will exhaust your energy faster as you progress. While you save up on cash in accomplishing these quests, improve your own crib with establishments and businesses that earns you cash every time period. After exhausting your energy from doing quests, take the time to visit your place and collect the resources that accumulated while you were busy on your job. Take the time to upgrade the establishments too to improve the rewards.

4. Improve Attack on Level Ups

All stats will go up every time your level goes up. Four stat points will be given to improve either your HP, Attack, and Defense. Every point you collect will generate additional five points of increase on any given stat. It is advisable to increase Attack more than anything else to deliver a quick turnaround of successful missions.

5. Attack Groups of Gangsters on the Street

Take a good lineup of crew with you (everyone equipped with weapon and armor) and pick a fight with gangsters around the map. Winning over these riots will heighten your reputation and will reward you with a good sum of cash too. After beating the group, repeatedly tap on the gun icon to extort cash from them. This is a viable option if you want to farm money without sacrificing your energy.
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