Gangstar City

Gangstar City

Break it Bad with Gangstar City

Have you ever wanted to break bad? If you’d consider, then live long and prosper as you take on the life of crime in Gangstar City. Gameloft (developers of the game) takes your love of the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series in the mobile devices as it sports the same thug-life theme over a cow-clicker genre with bits of management and simulation game mechanics introduced to it. While not entirely reproducing the same quality and game extent of that of a GTA game, it still houses the same crime-mission triggered tasks to deal with together with the fulfilling experience of power-tripping as you play it.

The game is introduced with a great balance of elements. One of which is an underlying plot that comes with it. It picks up on the story of your brother being kidnapped which gives you the resolution of having to take out every thug that stands in your way. From there onwards, you’ll gradually have your name run around the streets until you reach to the top of running your own district. Collect money from shops, throw some giant house parties, attract members, and guard your territory.

Perform every dirty trick and pick a choice of weapon across the wide arsenal available to you. Take on the missions to prove yourself worthy of the infamous title in the L.A. underground. Perform heists, rob banks and business centers, fight the police, fight other gangsters, terrorize the streets, kidnap enemies and more. Expand your empire over four different districts, from sunny Santa Monica to the famous streets of Hollywood.

The game is also far more exhilarating than anyone would expect. The missions are tasked in a fetch like template for the most parts with a suggested varying difficulty as you progress in the game. Some of which will ask you to perform simple tasks or multiples of them, and then some with those combinations of tasks to perform. Difficulties are presented by your encounters of the enemies (other gangsters), and police.
As few statistics are introduced in the game, each action you perform would earn you money and experience points. Every time you gain a level, you get three points of increase to improve these stats (Life Points, Attack, Defense). Money, the main resource in the game, is often times rewarded in missions or by stealing it from someone else. It is then used to purchase weapons or improve your territory. Several in-app-purchases are also introduced over the shop to promote that extra bit of factor to overpower your foes with featured weapons and then some of those that keeps the game’s progress kickin'.

Crime City is also rich in detail, from the vast coverage of a district lined up with streets filled with business centers, banks, stores, residential homes, and many more. Even with individualized performances and actions of the inhabitants in the district, the game remains incredibly in control of the details in the whole place. As for a well polished accompanying visuals and audio which Gameloft is known for, the game made no exception.

To sum it all up, although it might not be at par with GTA, Gangstar City still handed a good shot of providing a relevant mobile platform counterpart of the game that delivers the same motif and shares most of the fun and excitement any player could get from the bigger platform. Rest assured, it provides an undeniable addictive trait, that any (GTA) fan might be looking for.

4.0 / 5.0
review by Private (Steph) | Mar 23rd 2015

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