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SWGOH Tier List
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SWGOH Tier List

SWGOH is a game that is seen so many new characters introduced during it's lifetime and the developers are constantly preparing new characters to be released. But which ones are best, and which ones can you practically unlock according to your level.

We take a look at our SWGOH Tier List and come up with what we think are the best characters currently in the game.

1) Jedi Knight Revan
Light Side, Attacker, Jedi, Old Republic
One of the newest additions to the game, Jedi Knight Revan is unlockable during his Hero's Journey Event. Which is a very rare event.

To complete the missions to unlock Jedi Knight Revan you will need the following seven star characters:

Bastila Shan
Jolee Bindo
Mission Vao

JKR unlocks as a seven-star character, and once you have him he is a formidable leader of an Old Republic Team. Alternatively he teams well with a mix of Jedi and Old Replublic characters too. A strong example Squad would be:

Jedi Knight Revan
Bastila Shan
Jolee Binco
Grand Master Yoda
General Kenobi

2) Darth Traya
Dark Side, Sith, Support
Until JKR came into the game, Darth Traya was the most sought after and strongest character in SWGOH. As the leader of all Sith team he heads up teams of formidable power.

Currently, Darth Traya is only unlockable if your guild plays the Heroic level of the Sith Guide Raid, so really this is a toon for the real Whale Guilds only.

As with other characters, Darth Traya may become farmable in more easy to get to locations in the future.

3) Commander Luke Skywalker
Light Side, Attacker, Rebel
The first toon to become available during the Hero's Journey, CLS was for a long time to strongest toon in the game by miles. He has great synergies with rebels, and his protection restore ability made him incredibly difficult to defeat.

Teamed with the likes of Biggs, Wedge, R2D2 and Han Solo, CLS more that held his own in the Squad Arena.

These are our top three toons currently. To make them work however you'll need to put them into teams with good synergy.

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