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Five Best Tips
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Five Best Tips

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I thought we'd start with a general look at five awesome tips that you should know right off the bat in this game and would be suitable for beginners and more experienced players alike.

OK, here goes:

5. Try to play everyday and complete all daily tasks.
Every day there are numerous daily activities to be done, completing each one will give you a reward, often crystals which are pretty handy as that is the premium currency in the game. If you manage to complete all daily tasks you get a bonus award too.

4. Find a Guild/Clan that you fit in with
If you intend to be an active player in the game, finding an active clan is really important due to things like the guild raids where you can easily pick up a ton of game tokens, items and shards.

3. Make the most of double drop days.
Double drop days are few and far between, but when they happen, make sure you take full advantage. For example if there are double drops in the Cantina (this means that you will get double the rewards that you usually get), I'll make sure I'll spend my accumulated crystals there to take full advantage of this.

2. Make synergistic teams.
Characters are most usful when they are played alongside other cards that complement them. For example, probably the most synergistic cards are the Rebels, Wedge and Biggs, if you can muster a strong rebel team with Wedge as the lead (due to his great team healing ability as leader) and Biggs somewhere in there you'll be sure to do a lot of damage, especially in guild raids.

1. Make a strong scoundrel team.
This is definitely my No.1 tip. Every week or two there is a special event to gain training droids and credits, you can only play this with scoudrels, if you can get to the top tier you will be raking in the credits and training droids in no time and will be more able to level up your other characters. Make this a real priority in your game, to get to and complete the top tier in the Credit Heist and Training Sumgglers Run events.

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