Free Craft: Survival Exploration

Free Craft: Survival Exploration

Crafting Survival Games
Version: 1.0.5 | Everyone

Free Craft: Survival Exploration is a cubic world with unlimited block capabilities.

Explore randomly generated worlds. Build buildings: from simple houses to huge palaces and castles. Create, survive and explore the worlds alone or in the company of friends! Build houses, farms and cities. Try to survive at night. Catch fish, grow animals and plants or hunt. Do whatever your imagination can do.

Features of the game Free Craft: Survival Exploration:

* Highly optimized game.
* Accidentally generated maps with complete freedom of action and completely changing worlds.
* Three game modes: Multiplayer, Creativity, Survival.
* Generation of the world under all modern devices.
* A huge number of a variety of objects and blocks.
* A variety of types of terrain: cities and farms, forests and deserts, swamps and taiga.
* Much, much more ...

Play in creative mode with unlimited resources. Get into the wilds of the world in the mode of survival. Rival your friends in multiplayer mode.

You will create your own story and make your own decisions. Make this game your personal story!

The game is developed by a professional development team with the involvement of professional directors and actors.
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