Fort Stars

Fort Stars

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Version: 2.0.0 | 9+

Fort Stars is a fortress building and card collecting battle game with both an adventure mode and PvP mode.

The game is broken into two main parts, attack and defense. You utilise your Stars to attack enemy forts, and strengthen your Fort to defend against enemy attacks.

There are loads of different cards to collect and power up in the game. It's a lot of fun and is free to download and play.

Tips, Cheats and Strategy

Here are a few tips and hints to help you progress in the game.

1. Upgrade your Cards
You gotta remember to upgrade your cards whenever you can, the game does remind you to do this, but sometimes it is still easy to forget. You do need gold to complete any upgrade and you can get this by completing missions in adventure mode.

2. Design your Fort
Think about the design of your Fort and the path that enemies will take to get to your Throne Room. Place things like gold mines well away from any obvious path, so it is less likely to be looted. Place spawner rooms in the enemy path to the throne room.

3. Join a Guild
Early in the game, the option to join a guild unlocks in the game. You can join one to receive certain benefits such as donations from other members.

4. Focus on your Best Cards
They are a few cards that are in your deck that will be the ones you always use. Focus on improving these ones to a high level.

5. Set Rally Points
In adventure mode sometimes your Stars will go straight to the Fort Room if there is a staircase leading them there in their path. This is great, but means sometimes you don't destroy enough rooms for three stars. So in this case you can set a rally point to tell your Stars to go directly where you want them to go.

6. Collect Vaults in Multiplayer Mode
Don't forget to play multiplayer mode too to collect vaults to get more cards.

Check out our mini guide to the game for our opinion on the Best Stars, and other hints and tips for Fort Stars.
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