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Tips and Hints
Flop Rocket Guide

1. Slow but steady

Though the game's goal is getting from point A to point B one might think that doing that in a fast pace may be a good idea but since this is a physics-based game, control of your ship will be hell if you move at high speeds. Not to mention that you can't see far because the game doesn't zoom out if you reach certain speeds, unlike what most games in this genre do when speed is involved, that is zooming out to compensate for the lack of incoming visual information. So just go with a usually slow to moderate speed.

2. Choose your turning controls

Right after you start the game, go to the options and check to see if the other control schemes fit you better than the others. This may help you a great deal when getting used to the game's controls.

3. Check missions and die accordingly

When you start, you can see your mission on the screen. If it is something do-able, go ahead. But if it asks you to kill two spaceducks and one spaceworm (because the only way to kill these things without buying the game is just ramming them with your ship and you only have two hits before you explode or you can do what is stated below), commit suicide till the remaining attempts reach zero. This isn't impossible but it is entirely luck based if you don't buy the game. You would have to be lucky to find a force field powerup and then proceed to kill the targets while the force field is up. Too much work for a few juice.

4. Magnetism and Fuel Capacity are a good investment

The Magnetism upgrade is a good skill to upgrade. Since you won't have to be getting dangerously close to obstacles that most of the time have coins scattered around or even in them. And later, with the magnetism upgraded, you won't even need to go relatively close. A wide and strong magnetic field should take care of the coin gathering for you. The Fuel upgrade gives you more time to fly around. Running low on fuel will most likely cause panic to some players and end up getting them killed. So having a small supply of fuel will give you more time to do what you wish is always good.

5. Small movements is key

Even if you may point your ship in the direction you wish, it may not always follow where you want it to go due to physics. So keep your ship controls to a minimu--just make minute changes instead of big turns. It will be more easier this way.

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