Flat Human Fall on Floor - Beasts Fights

Flat Human Fall on Floor - Beasts Fights

Version: 1.0 | Teen

Your name is Bobby and you're stuck in your dreams. Dreams about beast fights with gangs. Although the fights is beast, but it involve flat humans.
You have strange dreams about how human from gangs fall from a great height to a flat floor.
To get rid of these dreams you have to take part in beast fighting without rules with other gangs and flat human. Be smart and use the environment in your favor.
Drop plasticine human from a great height onto a flat floor. But do not be afraid, you will not harm them. After all, these thick funny and clumsy little humans are made of clay. They do not hurt at all.
Therefore, use the boldest decisions to win in these beast battles without rules. Remember that physics is your assistant. Win in battles without rules wrestling, to get rid of these ridiculous dreams about the fall of human on a flat floor.
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