Escape from the Pyramid

Escape from the Pyramid

How Likely are You to Escape from the Pyramid?

Have you ever wondered what those Egyptian Hieroglyphic guys would look like if they suddenly had some place to be? Well, so did game developers Tamagames! Escape from the Pyramid puts players in charge of getting this well-dressed pharaoh from point A to point B in this platformer of ancient proportions.

Escape from the Pyramid falls under the "premium" category, so the entire game can be yours- sans ads and in-app purchases- for the reasonable price of $1.99.

Gameplay involves navigating the constantly-running character through a labyrinth of spikes, fire, drop-offs and other sources of instant death while only possessing the options to jump, sprint and change direction. For Jungle Run fans, the game definitely has a Rayman-esque feel. For a concept that seems simple, you build up a decent repertoire of sprinting/jump combos, wall jumps and back-to-back direction changes to make the gameplay seem more complex than it actually is, before the addition of your "Power" later on. The game has 45 levels spread out over three pyramid-shaped worlds and the levels gradually get more and more difficult as levels go by. Each pyramid offers a different big bad boss monster to top off each world and there are collectible diamonds and beetles scattered throughout the levels to add an extra feeling of accomplishment (or failure) to each level.

The graphics reminded me of that intro song in the Disney movie, "Hercules" where the muses jumped out of the pottery. If that late 90s reference doesn't do it for you, just think of the very typical art style from Ancient Egypt that you learned about in History and imagine that running around. The graphics very clean and sharp and give the game an interesting and unique personality.

After playing the game for a while, the biggest turnoff for me were the controls. The game requires some very precise movements and the controls were not precision-level tight. The change of direction maneuver is one of the worst offenders, as you actually are required to time when you are changing directions. It is not suitable for use in emergencies. Wall jumping was the other infuriating control and the character seemed to hate wall jumping just as much as I hated making him do it, so there's that.

I gave the game 4 out of 5 stars for being a good deal for a few days worth of app-gaming fun, but unfortunately it was occasionally tough for me to get a good feel for how the game wanted me to have my busy pharaoh get somewhere important (like up a wall). It is definitely worth a playthrough. The graphics are neat, the music is great and you can never go wrong with an ancient Egypt themed iPhone game.
4.0 / 5.0
review by CheerfulStar (Mallary) | Apr 6th 2015

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