Escape from the Pyramid

Escape from the Pyramid

Version: 1.11 | 4+

Carved hieroglyphs come to life! Escape from the Pyramid is a unique platformer developed with stunning visuals set in ancient Egypt.

Mixing elements from free running, puzzle and platforms games, Escape is a challenging experience that will test your reflexes (and your patience!) as your try to find your way through labyrinthine and deadly maps. Simple mechanics but cleverly designed levels will make sure you stand on your toes whilst you navigate through 45 astonishing levels.

Avoid deadly spikes, poisonous snakes, spiders and scorpions! Collect gems and golden beetles! Find hidden Canopic jars to summon the help of the gods! And above all… try reaching the exit alive!

And remember.. you will die. Plenty!
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How Likely are You to Escape from the Pyramid?
How Likely are You to Escape from the Pyramid?
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