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Tips and Hints
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1. Read the Codex

In the codex, there is a dictionary of the terms RPGs use. By reading them, you get Hero points for your Heroic Level. Reading them could help you boost your skills to a reasonable level.

2. Find your playstyle / setup early

By mixing and matching the mainhand with the offhand properly, you could create a specialized build for specialized scenarios like boss fights or mobbing.

3. Adjust the difficulty for better rewards

Around the upper right, of the main menu, there is a section where you can adjust the enemies and make them stronger but yield better rewards. If you can handle the tougher settings, go for it since they give awesome loot compared to normal. Think of it like D2's /players8.

4. Use a controller if available

Using a controller makes this game much more fun, intuitive, and more playable.

5. Purchase a pet when you can

A pet would cost around 32,000 gold. it helps gather gold and can sometimes dig if it comes across buried treasure. It is a good investment and it also gives you stats like equipment. It levels up too and gives better stats. Good luck though in getting a good quality pet.

6. Complete challenges in the codex

In the codex, there are challenges you can complete to gain a lot of hero points. The first and most easy one to obtain early in the game in my opinion is the break objects (crates and stuff) one. Completing this gives you a lot of hero points early on.

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