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Embark on a Journey Like No Other in Dungeon Quest

Dungeons are a place of mystery and wonder—where the adventurer is welcomed by monsters, jewels, or even quests that could surely thrill any vagabond.

Dungeon Quest is an Action RPG released in 2015 which can be downloaded for free on Android and iOS platforms with in-app purchases available. The things you could buy in-game are general items that include potions, temporary stat boosts, map reveals, crystals and gold coins as the main currency in the game. The game offers a gambling section similar to the gambling NPC in Diablo 2 wherein you are shown choices of equipment and you may take a chance and see if you get a good item.

Additional items for purchase include vanity items that are just cosmetics and don't affect gameplay that are kind of nice too—even pets like dogs, imps, and fairies for the three classes are available. The last is various packages that consist of the vanity items previously mentioned but is offered in a set and at a discounted price.

Being a free game, there are ads that constantly pop up in this game around the upper right and one annoying one that fills almost the whole screen—this ad even popped up right before fighting a boss, which quite ruins gameplay. If you really want the ads gone, any purchase would remove them permanently so you have that choice.

Now to what this game really excels in—its gameplay. Dungeon Quest is an action RPG that focuses on quick combat, dungeon crawling and the most important of them, loot gathering. It is like a mini Diablo game on your phone.

You start out by selecting a class. There’s not much to customize aside from the name for customization. Most cosmetic choices will be done by optionally purchasing vanity (cosmetic) items in the store. The three classes are a warrior, a wizard, and a rogue. The warrior is a tanky, up close class who can soak much more damage than the other two. The wizard who has high damage but isn't so tanky although he can obtain a teleport relatively early on in the game and this may help you with your survival as long as your Mana holds up. The rogue does good DPS (Damage Per Second) and has a high dodge rate.

Another awesome thing this game does is vary your gameplay by changing up your skills depending on the equipped main-hand and off-hand weapons (like a primary and secondary weapon setup). For example, the rogue has a choice between a dagger, bow, pistol, chakram for its main-hand. And for its off-hand, the rogue has a choice of a bomb (not an explosive bomb), traps, mirror and a vial. Each of these weapons has two skills each. At the beginning the skills would be locked but unlocking them won’t take long and by level 20, you will have had unlocked the second skill of the offhand items. Aside from the equipment, you also allocate the three stat points you acquire per level towards the stats of your choosing: power, health or mana. Power is the rogue's primary stat. Health is the warrior's and of course mana is for the wizard. But you can still put points in the other stats even if it isn't your primary. As for skills, you can strengthen them by increasing your Hero level. This level is a different one than the actual level of your character. It could have been worded properly but it's actually a skill level. At every hero level, you gain skill points to upgrade the skills you already have or aid your stats. You increase the Hero level by defeating epic enemies, completing challenges and finishing collections. Progress can be viewed in the Hero tab and by reading the Codex.

Now on to the best part of the game, the loot. This game does it right in the sense that it gives you quite a lot of items that don’t really get tiring to pick-up and compare them to gear/s you already have to see if it’s better or not. These items also have the usual quality levels—from common to rare, to epic items. These add so much more fun in picking up loot and identifying it in the hopes of something good may reveal itself. Although you get equipment for classes you don’t play, it isn't so extreme that you are flooded with things you can't use. And you can sell those items right away from the inventory if you want them gone.

The RPG aspects of this game are surprisingly good for a mobile game. It is well fleshed out and not just thrown in just for the sake of having it in there. Unfortunately there is no story in this game. It is just pure dungeon crawling. There is a niche out there that this game particularly caters to and it does it well. The inventory is pretty small but you will quickly realize that it isn't such a burden because all you loot are equipment and crystals (which do various things from removing or adding affixes on items. Or re-rolling the bonuses on the item) and these don’t necessarily clutter up your inventory. Mostly because you will be changing gears often. And if you really want more space, you can buy it with the money you earn by picking up gold or selling items you don't need. You can also have a pet that picks up money for you and which also gives you added effects just like equipment. It’s a good thing your pet doesn't die.

Visually, Dungeon Quest is quite appealing and even if it is not highly detailed, and gorgeously textured, which I think isn’t really needed in this game. What it has is a sort of caricature or comical style to the characters. It is still nice to look at especially if you add the vanity items. The sound is good too. The background music is a bit repetitive but I never really noticed it unless I try hard to. The sound effects are well done too as it fits perfectly with the gameplay and some are satisfying to hear.

In conclusion, this game is an easy recommendation for people who love dungeon crawling and loot hoarding. For a mobile game it really is complex and does quite a lot of things right in this genre. I hope they add more content to the game to make it even better than it already is. And, as an added bonus, it is the first game I have seen to actually have controller support. It even has key re-mapping, which is really impressive. Just get a good controller like an Xbox 360 controller (I used a PS4 controller) and just find a way to plug it into your phone and that’s it. I think more games should have controller support in the future. If you decide to spend money in this game, it would be okay since there is no competitive feature to the game that could place others in a disadvantage to people who pay. But I think paying up isn't really needed and the game could be enjoyed without spending.

4.2 / 5.0
review by Private | Feb 15th 2015

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Review by GuestFeb 17th 2015
Game still freezes on load up right after auto trying to sign in. So annoying.

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