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Class Guide

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When you start playing Dragon Trail Hunter World you will be asked to pick a class of character. Unfortunately it doesn't give you any details on the choices you have. You can tailor the look of your character after choosing a class to set their appearance but which class is going to be the best for your play style.

The classes available are: Warrior, Priest, Ranger, and Shadow Hunter. Each class has signature skills and weapons and some variations in the story line. Below we will outline the overall strengths and weaknesses of each.

Class Guide


Tank Class
The Warrior class will give you a good defense / tank character that is able to protect allies by taking the most damage. It sown damage output is not great but it will hold out for a long time and rank up the hits.


Support Class
A Priest class character is needed to assist allies during the battle. A great team player but not the best for solo game play.


Ranged Damage Class
A good damage dealer with the focus on attacking from range. Good DMG stats but low defense and durability.


Melee Damage Class
The Shadowhunter is another high damage class, in this case the focus is on class range combat. Very good damage but again does not have the high defense of the Warrior.


To summarize the details above, we can say that the Shadowhunter and Ranger classes will give you the best damage stats in the game while the Warrior will offer the best Defense. For team battles though the Priest class will be a very useful addition to offer the support.

If you have any further questions about the classes please check the Answers Page to ask there .

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