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Dragon Trail: Hunter World is an in depth game with a lot of progression and game modes to explore. It can be very confusing when you start out and the game will through a lot of activities at you with little explanation. It will become clearer over time but to help you get started here are our beginners tips to follow.

Beginners Tips for Dragon Trail

Choose a class

This is the first thing that you do in the game, pick a character class fro the 4 available. If you want more details on the 4 classes then please check the Class guide. But do not worry as you can change class in the game and you can easily start a new character at any time to try out the other classes if you do not like your first choice.

Follow the game prompts

A lot of the early game is done by simply following the prompts. It can see like there is too much auto play, with your character battling beasts and charging off on quests with noting more than a click but it will help to get you started, introduce some of the many options and unlock further game modes for you. You can turn off auto battle with the small screen icon lower center.

Some of the text that you may want to read as the story quests unfold can disappear very quickly and the game will auto claim rewards and make quest choices for you if you do not react quickly so if you want to keep on top of the story you need to be quick in some cases.

Redeem codes

The game has gift codes that you can redeem for free rewards which on top of the other begginer gifts can help you make a good start in the game. These are redeemed in the Settings menu using the 'Activatoin Code' option. Tap on the avatar top left ot open the settings menu. You can check our list of the Activation Codes here.

Refine / Enhance your gear

As you play though the game you will collect gear items and be prompted to Refine them. This is the Enhance option and will increase the stats. You will also collect new and better gear as you complete game missions which will replace the old gear, but do not be afraid to enhance the low level gear as any enhancements you make will then carry over to the new gear you equip.

Idle Rewards

One of the first game modes you will encounter is the Drill. This allows you to battle creatures for rewards but will also let you earn idle rewards for when you are away from the game. Its important to remember to collect there when you return to the game and it is also advisable to make sure you play and battle through to your highest possible level in the Drill as the higher the point you reach in the event the better the idle rewards will be that you can collect. Whenever you character gets stronger push though to the next highest point that you can to boost your earnings.

Other Modes

As well as the Drill make sure to check out the other game modes to the rewards you can gain. Many will offer specific rewards so you can concentrate on what you need. Although you can often only play each one a limited number of times a day.

In particular the Hunt Boss game mode will give tyou the chance to get high level gear and other items drops.

We hope that these tips will let you make a good start and maximize your character progression in the game. If you have any questions please check out the Answers Page.

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