Disney Infinity: Toy Box

Disney Infinity: Toy Box

Come and Play in the Disney Infinity:Toy Box 2.0

For the uninitiated, Disney Infinity is a game. It is a game where the additional digital content is packaged with real tangible toys. All caught up? Excellent, because recently this strictly console/PC game has recently made the jump to mobile gaming on iOS.

The game is free to download, but not theoretically free to play. The Disney.com website itself inserted a disclaimer following their spectacular new app announcement warning parents that some of their in-game purchases cost upwards of $60.00. The good news is that although the entire game is pretty much a commercial for Disney, the only ads are for Disney licensed apps and they are nice and tucked away in the menu.

The biggest draw of this game is for the folks who are already rulers of their own Magic Kingdoms on other platforms, as the players now have the ability take their digital toy boxes everywhere they go and trade with friends along the way.

The graphics are great. The music is great. But of course it is. It's Disney. The biggest issue is the size of the app. It is 4.4 GB. That is just the base save file without any amazing achievements or downloaded characters.

The app does have some glitches that make the whole experience a little less satisfying. I took a screenshot and the whole game crashed. I lost all of my progress. It reminded me of Disneyland when they stop Pirates of the Caribbean to punish someone who uses their camera. Also, the scenes have a long loading time and I am super impatient.

They definitely have some kinks to work on over there at Avalanche Games and it is tough to say how much effort they can put into improving the software without making it even bigger. It is a nice concept and I, personally, love to see software developers extend console games to mobile platforms, but since most people can't afford to buy a separate iPhone and won't want to give up every other save file to accommodate this beast of a game.
3.9 / 5.0
review by CheerfulStar | Feb 5th 2015

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