Disney Infinity: Toy Box

Well Begun is Half Done

Well Begun is Half Done
Disney Infinity: Toy Box Guide

Well Begun is Half Done

    The best way to get acquainted with the game is to jump in and start taking missions to get the feel for playing. On iOS, if you have no previous content, you can go treasure hunting with Aladdin as soon as you pull up the game- for absolutely free!
    There are menus for purchasing digital content on iOS that will transfer to your console and right back again.

    Well Begun is Half Done

    Level up skills early and be prepared to spend a lot of time on it. Not only does every character have an over all level that can take forever to raise to a respectable amount, but every character has 30 skills of various grades to work on. The easiest way work on your skills is to use them! Pick a skill, go use it, come back and repeat until super OP. Piece of cake.
    Try not to limit yourself to getting only one character really strong. They come in sets for a reason! Play with them!

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