Demonic Savior

Tips and Hints

Tips and Hints
Demonic Savior Guide

1. Killing all the “birds” with one stone

..Or something like that. Since all your attacks generally hit an area, to save time and mana, rather than hunting enemies one by one, drag them along, gather them up and pull off powerful skills to eliminate them together (or if you want to save mana, just use your normal attacks and hopefully kill them without sustaining too much damage.

2. Don't always complete the normal attack combo

Sometimes it’s ideal to not finish a combo for a more sustained damage output. Veras' normal attack string for example ends with a dash attack that pushes enemies around and puts him behind the enemy and possibly into another enemies' range. By stopping right before his final attack, you can restart the attack string and continue a more stable damage output. This goes well with the previous tip.

3. Enemies respawn fast

If you need to grind for experience or items, remember that the enemies respawn quite fast. They take a few seconds to do so or you can trigger it instantly by leaving the map and re-entering it.

4. Bags are not just for the ladies

You can buy new bags from NPCs in town. Or, if you don't have money you could farm for cash to buy them or if you are lucky, you can even get a bag while you hunt. Regardless, it is important to obtain good bags because they increase your inventory space and greatly help you by making you go back to town less and help you carry more crafting materials.

5. Utilize the crafting system in the game.

The game has a crafting system and using it would prove most useful to the player. Even the best items can only be obtained through crafting so you better get used to it.

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